2016 Calendars are in!

After a month of teasers and much ado, Catland's 2016 calendar is finally printed! Featuring all of your favorite Catland house staff and many of your favorite readers, this calendar is the first in what promises to be a fun, fascinating annual tradition.



Only 25 copies have been printed in this premiere run, which surround the themes of major occult archetypes. From the Gatekeeper, to the Huntress, to the Holy Whore, this project explores and animates these themes while leaving them intact within their esoteric mysteries



Catalan's 2016 calendar was shot and edited by photographer Dmitri Wildfong-Nishman, a Brooklyn based artist who works regularly with many other local performances spaces, such as Bizarre Bushwick, St. Vitus, and The Cobra Club. Over the course of two chilly days in the Catland event space, Dmitri breathed new life into these timeless archetypes.

This first calendar run features detailed monthly moon cycles, large astrological observances, feast days, Roman festivals, and many, many more holidays. The spellbinding photos feature local Brooklyn witches and mystics, who were invited to fully embody these powerful & ancient personas, if only for a few, brief moments.

Please call or visit the shop to get yours before they're all gone!

Turning the Wheel : New Ownership & A New Era at Catland


As some of you may have already heard, Catland has been going through some big transitions this summer. It is with a heavy heart that we announce that two of the co-founders, Phillip English and Joseph Petersen, will be leaving Catland this week. We want to thank them for their incredible work in this shop & this community, and wish them all the luck & light in the world as they continue toward new ventures & opportunities.

Additionally, we would like to introduce you all to two new, wonderful people, Melissa Madara, whose Nine of Pentacles Apothecary products you’ve seen on the Catland shelves, and Brian Oaster, one of our in-house Tarot readers. Melissa & Brian will be taking up the reigns from Phil & Joe and, joined by owner and co-founder Fred Jennings, will be the owners and faces of Catland Books. We encourage you all to come by the shop and introduce yourselves to the new members of the Catland family.

We’re looking forward to carrying the spirit of Catland forward, and are very excited about the many changes in store for us and for the community around this wonderful shop. To breathe life into this new era at Catland, we’d like to extend a cordial invitation to our transformation party on Friday, the Fourth of September, 2015. Festivities will begin at 8pm at Catland. Stay tuned for more party updates- Melissa & Brian can’t wait to meet you!