Monthly Tarot Forecast for September

Finally- the first vestiges of fall! The very edges of the leaves have started to turn, the hard rains that spell temperature change have begun to fall, and we start the month off with a BANG as wild, temperamental Mercury flings into retrograde. Hang onto your hats, folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride. As the year turns back within itself, so too must we begin to turn within and see what harvest our summer's work has wrought. But the good news about taking stock of your world is that you are the judge, jury, and executioner for what works and what doesn't in your life. Know your worth, and cut out undeserving people, thought, and activities with a discerning hand. It's time to be accountable to both yourself and the world around you. As house reader Damon Stang says, "Walk softly and carry a big aura."

Using the Deviant Moon Tarot, house reader Blue June takes us through what the next month has in store for us. 

Relinquish:  Two of Cups, upright
Throughout August, we were cautioned to work on our communication and connections with those closest to us.  If we took heed through the past month and set this foundation for success, we can relinquish the fear of any major falling outs during this Mercury Retrograde- which began August 30th and lasts until the first day of Fall, Sept 22nd.  However, the duality of this card in this position is that if we did not make the effort to strengthen these specific areas, we may be looking at a rocky road for the next few weeks.  Which ever the case may be, there will be two eclipses this month, and these are great times to renew these efforts.  We have the solar eclipse today (Sept 1st) and a lunar eclipse Sept 16-17.  In matters of love, this may mean receiving texts that don't make a lot of sense, but rest assured- all hope is not lost.  There is still union depicted in this card between "Midnight" and "Death" which means, quite simply, :proceed with caution".


Focus:  Seven of Pentacles, upright
Our main focus this month needs to be on testing our skill-set in career matters.  Put what you've learned to work and see how far you've come.  This may not be a great time for making big plans or travel, but that doesn't mean we can't show off what we've learned.  It may be just that which attracts the job, income, or abundance you desire.  You should be pleasantly surprised at how far you've come, but if you find that your skills aren't quite what you thought they were, now may be a good time to do some fine tuning.  Reflect on what your expectations were and don't give up- keep trying!




Challenge: Temperance, reversal
BIG SURPRISE here folks!  We will almost always find that matters dealing with communication, technology, and travel during Mercury Retrograde become severe obstacles to our goals.  The main take away from this reversal card is that we will find it very challenging to find patience with others and ourselves. Conflict is readily available, involving everyone around you right now, so do your best to go about your own business and if someone you love is rocking the boat, take a deep breath and ground yourself before you respond to discord.  Be careful not to spend too much money or overindulge  as well this month.  Balancing the checkbook may not be the only thing we find difficult, but do your best to keep your feet on the ground.



Embrace: Death, upright
This may seem a bit morbid, but this is a great time for a deep, introspective look at your own mortality. I'm not necessarily encouraging a nihilist point of view, but it's crucial now to just really be aware of the life your leading and what can be improved about it.  We walk around for such a short time in basically just these suits of meat.  What is your meat suit not accomplishing?  What can your meat suit improve upon?  How can you make your meat suit last a little longer?  These are very important things to consider and to make some tough decisions about with this as our final card.  Toward the end of the month, it is probably time to start making the changes necessary to have that higher quality of life- THAT YOUR MEAT SUIT DESERVES!

Blue June, founder of Magick Talismans Tarot and The Broom Closet, specializes in tarot readings, crystal casting and oracle divination.  Blue teaches Catland's monthly Intro to Tarot class and is the creator/curator of the celebrated monthly Full Moon Market.  She has been featured in Omnifeed, Broadly, Vice, and Nylon Magazine.  Blue is available for walk-in tarot readings Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays at Catland, and other days by appointment.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Having a reading is a great, interactive way to seek clarity in your life. Some readers may use the cards to give advice, while others can engage in predictive fortunetelling to give you an idea of what comes next. But whether it's tarot cards, bones, coconut shells or cyrstal balls, sitting for a reading can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can make sure you're ready to absorb all the messages you need. 

Come Prepared

The best way to prepare for your reading is to spend some time meditating on what you'd like to know. Why are you having this reading? Do you have burning questions that need answers? Parts of your life that need some direction or clarity? Something you need reassurance on before you can take the next step? It's all going to come out in your reading anyway! If you're prepared to let your reader know what information you're after, they'll often have a much easier time drawing situation-specific answers for you. It's also a good idea to tailor your questions in a way that empowers you and gives you agency. For example, "What can I do about this situation?", "How can I react to this most diplomatically?" or "Is this path most in line with my dreams?" all center the question on you and your goals. Your questions can be as broad or as detailed as you like, but giving your reading a sense of direction will help everyone tune in more easily. 

Get Out of Your Own Head

When you first sit down with your reader, it's important to leave your daily life at the door. Make sure you've eaten so your tummy isn't rumbling, and turn off your phone so you're not distracted. Do your best to get into a calm, meditative headspace before you arrive. You're here to take your questions apart piece by piece and find answers- why should you let your anxieties cloud your mind? Rest easy- your reader is on your side! Many readers will cleanse the energy of the space with incense or settle your mind with a brief meditation, but doing your part to arrive relaxed and open will help the fluidity of the process. The more open you're willing to be, the easier it will be to tap in and find you the answers you're looking for.

Have Faith

As I've said before, you and your reader are on the same team. When selecting your reader, make sure to pick someone that you feel you can trust. A good reading requires intimacy and faith, on both the part of the reader AND the querent. A strong connection between both people will carry across messages that are clearer and more direct. If you arrive with an open mind and an open spirit, you'll be surprised at how much more precise and personal your reading can become. Be honest, forthright, and clear in your speech. Most importantly, be prepared to actively listen to your reader. Putting your trust in their words can yield marvelous results. 

Take Notes

You'll be getting a lot of rapid-fire information during your reading. Don't be afraid to write it all down. Some readers may even allow you to record your session, but always ask first! Either way, try to get down as much as you can. You never know what may sound unimportant at the time, but could be a huge source of insight later. Try to save as much information as you can to reflect upon later. Much the same way that dream interpretation works, the devil is often in the details- doing your best to absorb as many little pieces of the reading as you can will give you a richer answer to your questions. 

Monthly Tarot Forecast for August

Happy August! This month kicks off with Mars exiting Scorpio (thank goodness), a beautiful new moon in Leo, and some blissfully cool weather. The intense energy of July is winding down as summer draws to a close, and August is shaping up to be the precursor to the reflective, reap-time energy of autumn. This month, Blue June brings us another thorough and thought-provoking monthly forecast with the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. 

RELINQUISH - Temperance, upright
This card has a great deal of duality to it for the month of August.  It's time to work on some bad habits.  During the early part of this month it is a great idea be focused on self care and finding your inner peace.  Manage your mood and stress by working out and then treat yourself to an activity that helps you feel relaxed.  This is also a good time to coordinate your plans for later this month and work closely with others setting a foundation of healthy communication.  This will prepare you for the later parts of the month where these behaviors are sure to become more challenging.  Don't be surprised when you find it hard to keep your cool because a work opportunity has shifted or communications start to feel thin around the new moon or during the full moon's lunar eclipse.  Learn to let go of things that aren't happening organically.  The over all message of this card is that finding a way to be patient with both yourself and others will yield the most positive results because we are all in for a few surprises in this month of drastic renewal and change. 

FOCUS - Two of Cups, upright
Remember before when I said that you will want to work closely with others in the name of good communication?  This is a main focus this month in all relationships and probably will be for a few more months due to Mercury going retrograde at the very end of this month.  Why not get out in front of it now?  Friends, co-workers and especially lovers need extra attention this month.  Do something for a co-worker to make them smile, call an old friend and catch up in the early part of this month and do something romantic with your partner, then give yourself a huge pat on the back for your hard work and diligence - you've earned it.  But do these things without delay as the end of the month the seams will weaken in a surprising way.  Whether or not these relationships stand the test of time is not known, so it's up to you to take hold of your destiny.  

CHALLENGE - Nine of Wands, reversal
Oh wow, should you ever brace yourselves.  The major challenge of the month of August is going to be staying cognitive.  Make sure your beliefs are based on logic and facts but be prepared for some unforeseen changes.  If you feel reluctant to follow through with your commitments at the last minute through this month.  Remind yourself that you said you would do something and then do it.  Remember that not doing so can hurt your reputation, it's not worth ruining all you've built because of a bad mood.  If it truly isn't working out then you can feel free to change the arrangement, but at least put your best foot forward and try while keeping in mind that this may be the thing that springs you to the next step.  Give yourself all the time you need to recuperate this month!  If you push yourself too hard you may find that it causes you to make hasty decisions or snap judgements that could get you into trouble down the line.  We have enough on our plate with this as our challenge card, let's take very good care to manage the way we are thinking through the month.


EMBRACE - Nine of Pentacles, upright
Well, if you were wondering if you should feel guilty for pampering yourself you can absolutely set those feelings aside.  It's time to really do the things for yourself you've been wanting to do.  Of course work and other aspects of your life still demand your attention but even more now than ever before you have truly earned some extra comforts for yourself!  A perfect time to spend some time outdoors this month.  The woods, a park, a boat, or the beach!  The season will be over before you know it and traveling while Mercury is in retrograde is not highly advised so do before the end of this month if you can, even if it's only for a day.  Do not blow off your obligations in order to achieve this however or there will be consequences for your actions, probably financial in nature.

Blue June is one of Catland's most revered tarot readers who also provides crystal casting and oracle divination.  She teaches the monthly Intro to Tarot class and is the creator/curator of the celebrated monthly Full Moon Market.  Blue is available for walk-ins Saturdays and Mondays at Catland, and other days by appointment.