Do you enjoy eating garlic bread? Does oregano always find its way into your spaghetti sauce? Do you garnish potato salad with paprika? Then you are participating in the ancient tradition of using herbs to enhance the health benefits and digestibility of your food.

With over 250 recipes for herbal oils, vinegars, pestos, dressings, salts, cordials, syrups, smoothies and more, The Herbal Kitchen provides the information necessary to prepare, store, and use herbs, and create a long term healthcare plan.

From the introduction:

The current spice rack is a remnant of the wisdom of how to bring the earth’s harvest into our house to feed and keep our families well. It is the accumulation of thousands of years of experience all powdered and packaged into convenient one ounce jars. Take a deeper look at your spice rack. The herbs come from all over the world, having touched many hands; they carry the lineage of our ancestors’ embodied knowingness that using plants in the kitchen helps keep us well.

The Herbal Kitchen will help you to recognize the extraordinary pharmacy that already exists in your own kitchen--one that will boost immunity, heal sickness, enhance energy, and ensure overall health and vitality, all without the need for fancy equipment or specialty products.

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