Venefica Magazine Volume 1

Venefica Magazine Volume 1


Venefica Magazine : Volume 1

Venefica Magazine is a community-supported publication released on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. It is Catland's premiere publication, and features commentary, art, poetry, and spell craft from a selection of our favorite occulture writers & artists.

Venefica seeks to continue the legacy of the witch by conjuring her rebel archetype- the poisoner, the protestor, the one who generates chaos in a quest for freedom and wilderness. Through education, artwork, and storytelling, we seek to provide practical tools for those looking to tap into these powerful energies, and to feed the wild, rebellious witch in you.

First Edition / 150 copies available / Hand numbered


Love, Genitals, & Pinecones : The Myth of Attis
a drunken retelling by Cooper Wilhelm

Of Flowers & Shadows : Springtime in the City of the Vital Dead
by Damon Stang

Issy & JC
a short story by Lorry Kikta

Weed Witches : The Magic of Undesirable Plants
by Rowan Alexandra

Poppies in the Blood : Plant Allies & Ancestor Work
by Sarah Lyons

The Nine Herbs Charm
by Asc Helvetius

The Serpentine Light
a comic by Lara Antal

a photo series by Amy Mills

Magic and Muses : The Immortal Echo
by Alexis Palmer Karl

Ancestor Work
by Sabrina Scott

Your "Love & Light" Will Not Save You
by Dakota Bracciale

The Witches of King's County
a photo series by Maegan Gindi

Poems as Spells
by Lisa Marie Basile

Hymns to the Spring Equinox : A Playlist
compiled by Lorry Kikta

Sonic Sigils
by Douglas Lucas

Color Magic to Set Your Spring Intentions
by Sarah Potter

Conjuring A Coven : Creating Magical Community
by Haleigh Schiafo

Our Magic Must Be Intersectional : Discussing Community, Identity & Feminism
an interview with Kristen Sollee

The Magic of Self Pleasure
by Ashley Young

Featuring poetry by Lisa Marie Basile, Trista Edwards, Tori Eberle, Stephanie Valente, Kailey Tedesco, Jes Wittig

Featuring artwork by Corinne Dodenhoff, Brian James Finnegan, Stephanie Caponi, B Hollywood, Joanna Ferrin, Rebekah Bauer, Sarah Schechter, Glen Velez, Eileen Conlisk, Sabrina Scott, Asc Helvetius, Alyssa Mullen, Susannah Schaeffer, and Linzi Silverman.

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