Open Monthly Hecate Ritual

"I hear the whining of Thy wolves! I hear 
The howling of the hounds about Thy Form, 
Who comest in the terror of Thy storm 
And night falls faster, ere Thine eyes appear 
Glittering through the mist, 
O face of Woman unkissed 
Save by the dead whose love is taken ere they wist! 
Thee, Thee I call! O Dire One! O divine! 
I, the sole mortal seek Thy deadly shrine; 
Pour the dark stream of blood 
A sleepy and a reluctant river 
Even as Thou drawest with Thine Eyes on mine, To me 
Across the sense bewildering flood 
That holds my soul forever! "
Invocation to Hecate --Aleister Crowley (Edward Alexander Crowley) 
1875 - 1947 

Once again we meet to worship Our Beloved Mother! Please bring your athames and chalices.
Looking forward to seeing you All there!
Hosted by Laurie Bizzarro aka Lady Thalestris