An Evening of Traditional Witchcraft with Matthew Sawicki

Have You been interested in Witchcraft but feel that modern Wicca isn’t for you?

Have you practiced and studied Wicca for years and are looking to go deeper?

Have you been initiated and elevated to your third degree but you know there is more?

Here is your chance to explore the concepts of the more traditional witches craft through the lens of an old-craft practitioner and initiate. Learn about the concepts central to an old-style witch’s worldview before its mass popularity and white-washing brought about by Gerald Gardner. Learn how the concepts of Wicca are only the beginning of how true cunning folk actually work. Uncover the truth about the taboo concepts of Witchcraft like the Devil and the darker aspects that the Church loves to demonize and why…

In this introductory lecture, long time craft practitioner and initiate, Matthew Sawicki will take you on a journey far deeper than your Wicca books and training will ever offer. Matthew is an initiate of Gardnerian Wicca as well as the old craft tradition of Clan Tubal Cain out of England and is here to offer you perspective and praxis into a Witchcraft that is only now starting to show its face outside of the broom closet.  

Matthew has been involved in the occult communities in New York City, London and Los Angeles over the past 20 years and currently resides in Manhattan. Matthew welcomes people of all experience levels to learn about the state of the craft today.

2 hour class, a short breath, and then a Full Moon Ritual
$20.00 for the evening, including Ritual


Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional Craft – Pre-Wicca Witchcraft – what is it all about?

Traditional Craft – its similarities and differences from Wicca

Lucifer and the Devil – the Darker aspects of the “Horned God”

Fate and the Black Goddess

Witch Blood – do you have it?

The Witch’s Circle and the Compass Rose

The Mystery Workings

The working witches year, or the 9 knots

8:00pm Traditional Full Moon Working
Guests are encouraged to bring food and drink to share.