Makeup Witchcraft with Haleigh Schiafo

"People adorn themselves with fragrance, embellish their look with cosmetics, and indulge in beauty practices for many reasons. Perhaps the addition of a red lip or sultry scent gives your confidence a boost, or you wear winged liner and fierce contouring like you would any accessory. Maybe a moisturizing bath helps you to wash away your troubles. Perhaps you feel a sense of renewal in being able to wipe it all away and start fresh. Regardless of your reason, the artistic practice of choosing shades, scents, and salves can easily become a ritual of self love, reclamation, and empowerment."

Join Catland Books and Haleigh Schiafo as we explore the use fo makeup as a powerful tool at the modern witch's disposal. There will be a brief lecture followed by an interactive workshop. Please bring along your makeup kit and any tools you would like to experiment with.



Haleigh is a queer, feminist witch living in Jersey City. She is a co-founder of Babe Coven and writer for Dirge Magazine. She is a lover of all things magical, mystical, haunted, and historical. She believes in finding empowerment through magic and the enduring feminist symbol of the witch.