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Parting the Veil: A Seance with Stuart & Dean James-Foy


As the chill of autumn arrives, English mediums STUART and DEAN JAMES-FOY will make one of the most anticipated trips in the spiritual community this year. Their 2017 US tour debuts at Brooklyn's CATLAND for a master seance and table-tipping exhibition. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two of England's most talented mediums practice their craft.

The evening will begin with a brief introduction as they cast a circle of light and provide blessings and offerings given as a ritual 'parting of the veil' ceremony to connect those in attendance to the other side. The mediums will bring forth messages of love and guidance from your loved ones, family, and friends who have crossed over into spirit. You may also be connected with your spirit guides, helping illuminate your path.

Their evening will continue with an introduction to spirit communication tools such as the seance trumpet and spirit slates followed by a demonstration of table tipping. You will have the opportunity to take part in table tipping to see first hand what this technique can bring to you on your spiritual journey. They will finish the evening with a healing ceremony for you all.

Stuart and Dean's new book Parting the Veil: How to Communicate with the Spirit World will also be available for purchase, so you can continue your journey communicating with the world beyond. 

Produced by HIVE to THRIVE:

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Tickets $15 in advance // $20 at the door