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Incense, Burnables, & Ritual Smoke Blends

Catland invites you to join co-owner Melissa Madara for an in-depth look at incense & smoke blends in witchcraft! Drawing from her experience as an apothecary and a folk witch, Melissa will explore herb wands, natural cigarette blends, ritual incense, and all witchcraft that goes up in smoke. She will give an introduction to working with burnables across many traditions, and will endeavor to dispell myths about the potency of others (looking at you, white sage!).

This workshop will include both lecture and hands-on learning, and will cover a number of topics, including :

+ Introduction to hand-blending incense
+ Exploration of resins, herbs, roots, and branches used for incense making
+ Categorizing the types of burnables and their magical properties
+ Discussion of cultural appropriation as it relates to burnable smoke blends
+ Examination of herbs for safe ritual smoke blends
+ Discussion of entheogenic smoke blends & rituals


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Later Event: January 17
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