Divination & Spellwork

Catland is home to a host of readers and practitioners who are available in-shop and by appointment. We offer two distinct types of appointments - divination and spellwork consultations - to help find clarity and practical solutions for our clients. 

Divination appointments employ the use various techniques - tarot, crystals, scrying, astrological charts, tea leaves and other mediums in order to explore a variety of issues, specific to the client. The goal is to provide insight and clarity to the querent, and each reader will bring their own strengths and personalities to the reading. 

Spellwork consultations are an intimate occasion to seek the practical counsel of a practitioner. In these appointments, readers will give practical, step-by-step assistance for tackling problems, affecting change, or manifesting desires. Informed by their own personal practices and beliefs, each reader's approach is unique to themselves. Clients will receive a 15% discount on all necessary tools purchased at the time of the appointment. 

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Stevie Chrysanthemum

Stevie Chrysanthemum found her first tarot deck at a local thrift store in 2010.  Up until that point she had no interest in metaphysics or the tarot, but as an artist the beautiful imagery drew her in.  She began her journey, patiently practicing the art of tarot as she used it as a tool for healing and self-development.  She moved to Brooklyn in 2014 where she interned at Catland books.  There she was surrounded by seasoned readers from different backgrounds who helped guide her.  She learned many new techniques and began to gain experience reading for others.

Stevie has been reading tarot professionally for almost 2 years.  She uses the tarot as a psychological tool, but also believes that readings are divinely guided, and so her reading style is both practical and mystical.  She doesn't like trying to predict the future; her main goal is to help you better understand where you are presently.  A tarot reading will give you a bird's eye perspective about areas of your life where you feel lost, stuck, or confused.  It will reveal to you elements you may not be totally aware of, and it will help you gain clarity on the necessary steps you can take to move forward in a positive direction.  The answers you seek are within you, and the tarot will help you uncover them.

Stevie also carves custom candles and crafts incense and oils.  Candles are great for after readings because they act as a point of focus for your intentions.

Available by appointment for tarot readings (phone or Skype only)
To book a reading with Stevie, please click here.
$60 / half hour, $80 / hour

Damon Stang


A reader of cards and efficacious worker of root, candle, and charm.

At the age of 12, Stang received his first ‘Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards’ from his grandmother (herself a spiritualist, cartomancer and Ouija Board enthusiast) and quickly worked himself up to becoming a passionate scholar of divination with a special focus on Tarot. He trained at street fairs, among Sangoma’s in the Maluti Mountains of South Africa, and in the New York Botanicas of Brooklyn and the Bronx.

He is a lifelong practitioner of witchcraft and root work and is a celebrated member of the New York City magickal community.

Damon’s special emphasis is on Urban Folk Magic. He is Magister of Kings County Coven #1 (as featured in the New York Post), an initiate of Lady Rhea, and a member of the Minoan Brotherhood.

A reading with Damon incorporates traditional cartomantic prediction, spirit led gnosis, and good old fashioned common sense. Damon believes in the Tarot as a tool of empowerment and transformation and works with his clients to find open roads that bypass obstacles and fatalism.

At the clients request Damon is also available for magickal remediation or coaching.

Available for tarot and spellwork consultations, in shop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or by appointment. 
$60 / half hour, $80 / hour.
To book a reading with Damon, please call (646) 217 2864

Dakota Hendrix

Dakota is a Brooklyn based witch who has been working with clients for close to a decade. They are rooted in the traditions of Hoodoo & Stregheria and maintain a central belief in the efficacy of practical magic.

They offer spiritual advisory & counseling through divination, incorporating a wide variety of tools including layered cartomancy, sortilege (the casting of bones) & tasseomancy (tea leaf readings). Dakota has years of experience helping clients discover the deities, saints and spirits who can help them most.

Dakota is known for their frank, no-nonsense reading style, they offer a bird’s eye view of your current situation and insight into the influences around you as well as creative, intuitive solutions to a myriad of life’s challenges.

When you work with Dakota you're getting a one-stop shop experience. Not only will you get an in depth reading, you'll be leaving with tools with which to shape your present to create your future. Through handmade spiritual baths, intuitively assembled spell kits and all manner of mojo bags you'll leave feeling enlightened and empowered.

Available for tarot and spellwork consultations, in house on Thursdays only.
$60 / half hour, $80 / hour.
To book a reading with Dakota, please click here.

Robert Alvarez

Robert Alvarez (also known as Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch) has been giving Readings, Metaphysical Classes, Energy Healing Treatments and Mystical Consultations for more than twenty years.  The vast majority of his clients avail themselves of his Intuitive Card Readings, Metaphysical Classes (both group and private), and Energy Healing Treatments.
Robert's approach to Cards is that there are no "good" or "bad" Cards.  In Robert's Readings, he looks at all Cards from the perspective of empowerment versus disempowerment.  For example, "Is this Card indicating a situation that empowers the client?"
Robert is committed to telling the client only what he Sees or Senses.  In other words, Robert shall not make up stuff.  If there is something that Robert does not See or Sense clearly, he shall still tell the client that he Sees or Senses, even if it is not clear, at the time of the Reading.
Ultimately, Robert's Readings are Empowering and Healing.
Robert is primarily available at Catland, for Intuitive Card Readings, either with the Tarot, or with Oracle Card Decks. 

Available for tarot by appointment.
$70 / half hour, $90 / hour.
To book a reading with Robert, please email us at thetarotman@excite.com

Melissa Madara

Melissa is one of the owners at Catland books, and has been a practicing witch for most of her life. In addition to offering consultations with tarot cards, Melissa is also skilled in scrying and wax reading, and incorporates these different divination methods into her readings. She is also a talented herb worker, and is available for consultations on basic herbalism, healing, dream analysis, and trance work.

Melissa comes from a rich familial background in folk magic, with roots in both rural Croatian gypsy traditions and Pennsylvania Dutch hexerei. She is a born & raised New Yorker, and believes strongly in using one's native terre and tradition to enhance their spiritual work. Her practice is uniquely American, and therefore syncretic; drawing from Christian, American folk magic, and Appalachian traditions. 

Melissa is available to discuss any subject or intention, from affecting major change in your life, to attaining your desires, to managing your day-to-day needs, to interpreting your prophetic dreams. Her readings and consultations are very intuitive, and she has been offering counseling through the use of card reading and scrying for over 7 years. She is patient, concise, and straightforward with her words. While her readings are light hearted and empowering, she is intensely practical, and will ensure that you leave with a clear sense of direction and a fully-formed plan of action. 

Available for tarot, scrying, herbalism, dreamwork, and spellwork consultations, by appointment only.
To learn more about Melissa's practice and style, please check out her website.
$60 - 30 minutes / $80 - 60 minutes. 
To book a reading with Melissa, please click here.


Licorice Root

Annabel Gat (you may know by her pen name, Licorice Root) is a tarot reader and astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research. Her professional consulting practice began in 2009, and she taught at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment from 2010 through 2012, before becoming the first resident reader at Catland when the shop opened in 2013.

She has a wildly popular daily and monthly horoscope column with Vice’s women’s interest channel, Broadly, and her horoscopes are a daily feature on Vice’s Snapchat channel. 

She’s the advising astrologer to Align.la, a Los Angeles based dating app that pairs singles based on their compatibility. 

Her writing on astrology and the occult has also been regularly featured on MTV News and MTV Hive. She was interviewed in Julie Tibbot’s Members Only: Secret Societies, Sects, and Cults Exposed! and she’s been featured in publications such as Dazed and Confused magazine, Bustle.com and more.  

Annabel is a no bullshit kind of reader. If you come in with a problem, you’ll leave with a solid plan to solve your situation.

Available for astrology readings by appointment. 
$240 / hour.
To book a reading with Annabel, please visit her website.