Catland Community Calendar - 2018

Catland Community Calendar - 2018


Every year, Catland invites members of our community to visit the shop and co-create a photo series with us that helps tell a unique part of our story. From this collaborative effort, Catland creates a limited edition (50 copies) calendar for the upcoming year.

For our 2018 calendar, we encouraged our community to create their own personal iconography, in the style of classic Catholic saint portraits. These images reveal the diversity of our spiritual community, and the dedication and depth of their practices. 

This calendar includes - 

+ Standard 11 x 17" wall calendar size
+ Twelve glossy images from our photo series
+ All major astrological correspondences for the new year
+ All major pagan holidays
+ All major feast days
+ Full moons, new moons, eclipses, and retrogrades
+ Traditional US holidays
+ 100+ occult observances across many traditions

Featuring Melissa Madara, Dakota Hendrix, Damon Stang, Rowan Lanning, Zion Spencer, Sasha Anniyah, Dawn Nwad, Carol Loraine, and Cooper Wilhelm.

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