Cyprian Old World

Cyprian Old World


Edited by
Alexander Cummins,
Jesse Hathaway Diaz &
Jennifer Zahrt

CYPRIANA: OLD WORLD gathers the lore and praxis regarding the good Saints CYPRIAN and JUSTINA of Antioch, the famed sorcerer-saint and the steadfast virgin-martyr, through bringing together diverse and divergent essays regarding Cyprianic traditions and practices. Recently the focus of a resurgence of interest in the English-speaking world, the Saints CYPRIAN and JUSTINA stand at a crossroads of the Old and New Worlds, and form an intermediary nexus of Christian thaumaturgy and older pagan mysteries uniquely celebrated in European Magic and its permutations world-wide. Our Saints inspire through their patronage both the Devout and the Heretic alike to new sorcerous endeavors, and this volume coheres around Cyprianic history and the magic of the Old World of Europe.

Here the dry bones of ink and parchment are given new breath in the living voices of those inspired by our Saints. First fruits upon an old altar, we offer new and original translations of source texts next to explorations of the famed Book(s) of Saint CYPRIAN and cartomancy traditions that arise therefrom, and delve deeper into the patronage of the Saint over necromancers and sorcerers. Yet these are merely the stirrings of the query and current.

Cypriana: Old World is the first in a projected series of compilations collectively focusing on the lore surrounding the famed Sorcerer Saintand Saint JUSTINA with a dual focus on the values of historically and mythically situated traditional practices and spirit-led experimentation and innovation. It is also the inaugural publication of the Folk Necromancy in Transmission series, an ongoing exploration of the study and vivification of the Arte across historical, geographical, and cultural contexts.

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