Sabat : The Mother Issue

Sabat : The Mother Issue


What is mother? This second issue of Sabat tries to cast light on what might be one of the most mysterious of female archetypes. Persistent in her duality, mother is vastness, Nature, a love unyielding and beyond, sacrifice and almighty power, creation and destruction embodied. She performs the ultimate act of human magic, creating new life.


Rites for the bees, the queen and the hive we all share. 

An Other Mother — from Lilith to the Venus of Willendorf.

The ambiguous Hidden Mother in found Victorian imagery.

The man, the myth — our never ending fascination with the spawn of Satan. 

Household magic and maternal heritage with The Hoodwitch founder Bri Luna. 

The aesthetic of the altar from the #witchesofinstagram.

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