Turba Philosophorum

Turba Philosophorum


Called also The Book of Truth in the Art and the Third Pythagorical Synod, An Ancient Alchemical Treatise Translated from the Latin by Arthur Edward Waite.

Known unto the Wise as the Crowd of Philosophers, this twelfth century treatise records the meeting of the “Hermetic Association for the Advancement of Alchemy” and gives voice to the alchemical wisdom of several centuries. From Pythagoras to the Thrice-Greatest Hermes, the Adepts converse on the keys of the Royal Art and the nature of the Magnum Opus in their pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Arthur Edward Waite’s translation of the Turba Philosophorum remains the most complete to date due to the fact that he examined the many variant Latin manuscripts. There were two versions of the Turba: a short version and a long version, and in cases where textual differences occurred, Waite was sure to note them. This new edition has retained those important words of wisdom.

This Limited Edition produced by Ouroboros Press continues the tradition of fine bookmaking by resetting the type and offering three distinctive binding styles.

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