Tarot & Divination


Damon Stang

A reader of cards and efficacious worker of root, candle, and charm.

At the age of 12, Stang received his first ‘Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards’ from his grandmother (herself a spiritualist, cartomancer and Ouija Board enthusiast) and quickly worked himself up to becoming a passionate scholar of divination with a special focus on Tarot. He trained at street fairs, among Sangoma’s in the Maluti Mountains of South Africa, and in the New York Botanicas of Brooklyn and the Bronx. He is a lifelong practitioner of witchcraft and root work and is a celebrated member of the New York City magickal community.

Damon’s special emphasis is on Urban Folk Magic. He is Magister of Kings County Coven #1 (as featured in the New York Post), an initiate of Lady Rhea, and a member of the Minoan Brotherhood. A reading with Damon incorporates traditional cartomantic prediction, spirit led gnosis, and good old fashioned common sense. Damon believes in the Tarot as a tool of empowerment and transformation and works with his clients to find open roads that bypass obstacles and fatalism.

At the clients request Damon is also available for magickal remediation or coaching. 
$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available in shop on Fridays, or by appointment.
To book a reading with Damon,  please click here, or call him directly at (347) 422 7580


Dakota Hendrix

Dakota is a Brooklyn based witch who has been working with clients for close to a decade. They are rooted in the traditions of Hoodoo & Stregheria and maintain a central belief in the efficacy of practical magic.

They offer spiritual advisory & counseling through divination, incorporating a wide variety of tools including layered cartomancy, sortilege (the casting of bones) & tasseomancy (tea leaf readings). Dakota has years of experience helping clients discover the deities, saints and spirits who can help them most.

Dakota is known for their frank, no-nonsense reading style, they offer a bird’s eye view of your current situation and insight into the influences around you as well as creative, intuitive solutions to a myriad of life’s challenges.

When you work with Dakota you're getting a one-stop shop experience. Not only will you get an in depth reading, you'll be leaving with tools with which to shape your present to create your future. Through handmade spiritual baths, intuitively assembled spell kits and all manner of mojo bags you'll leave feeling enlightened and empowered.

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available by appointment only
To book a reading with Dakota, please click here.


Melissa Madara

Melissa is a folk witch and herbalist with roots in magic on both sides of her family. Her practice combines the Croatian gypsy heritage of her mother and the Pennsylvania Dutch hexerei of her father into a perspective that is syncretic, practical, and deeply rooted in the natural world. She currently serves as a co-owner at Catland books, the manager of Catland's private garden, and an educator on divination, apothecary sciences, and folklore.

In addition to reading tarot, Melissa is also a skilled scryer (water, wax, champagne) and student of Jungian dream analysis, which she often chooses to incorporate into her more in-depth readings. She is also one of Catland's resident apothecaries, and often makes herbal recommendations or preparations as part of her readings. She believes in narrative as therapy, and uses the stories told in the tarot to examine, dissect, and explore the human mind and all of it's questions.

Her style is rooted in finding practical solutions to life's questions, but her consultations are patient, informal, and conversational. Her goal is to set up comfortable space for querents to explore what needs exploring, and leave empowered with tangible solutions.

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available by appointment only
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Aerrin Kolfage

Aerinn is a folkloric witch and cunning woman who puts a modern twist on Old World peasant magic and American folk practices.  Raised by an intuitive medium deeply immersed in Catholic tradition, Aerinn inherited a fondness for ritual and experienced the closeness of the Other World at a young age. From this she learned the power of tapping into ancestral roots and familial folkways. Aerinn’s practice is therefore a pastiche which reflects her heritage, incorporating aspects of saint lore, dreamwork, fairy wisdom, cunningcraft, and the diverse witching ways of her foremothers. 

Aerinn believes in the efficacy of practical magic, divination, and spiritwork to effect major transformation and address everyday problems. Walking in the steps of the village wise women who came before her, she can help you connect with your purpose and achieve your goals through charm, symbol, root and spell. 

Spiritual counseling with Aerinn is founded on active listening, creative problem solving, and practical advice. Through such techniques as reading cards and tea leaves, casting lots, scrying, and spirit-revealed insight, Aerinn weaves a narrative of sign and symbol to reveal patterns, processes, and useful information that will leave you feeling prepared and empowered to take destiny into your own hands.

Aerinn is available for divination, spellwork consultations, dream tending, spiritwork, and magical coaching. She has been featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Black Book Magazine.

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available in shop on Mondays or by appointment.
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Robert Alvarez

Robert Alvarez (also known as Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch) has been giving Readings, Metaphysical Classes, Energy Healing Treatments and Mystical Consultations for more than twenty years.  The vast majority of his clients avail themselves of his Intuitive Card Readings, Metaphysical Classes (both group and private), and Energy Healing Treatments.
Robert's approach to Cards is that there are no "good" or "bad" Cards.  In Robert's Readings, he looks at all Cards from the perspective of empowerment versus disempowerment.  For example, "Is this Card indicating a situation that empowers the client?" Robert is committed to telling the client only what he Sees or Senses.  In other words, Robert shall not make up stuff.  If there is something that Robert does not See or Sense clearly, he shall still tell the client that he Sees or Senses, even if it is not clear, at the time of the Reading. Ultimately, Robert's Readings are Empowering and Healing.
Robert is primarily available at Catland, for Intuitive Card Readings, either with the Tarot, or with Oracle Card Decks. 

$70/30 minutes, $90/60 minutes ; Available by appointment
To book a reading with Robert, please email us at thetarotman@excite.com


Ashley Young

Ashley is a Black genderqueer practitioner of Santeria and Paganism living as a witch, spiritous and tarot reader. They are an earth mama, a water woman and a Gemini air sign. In all of their practices, they believe they function as a vessel for the messages that need to be delivered to those seeking them. They call on ancestors, communicate with the dead and complete daily ritual at their five household alters as a grounding tool. They also practice sex magick and question gender through spiritual means.  

Ten years ago, Ashley received their first tarot reading in college. They were fascinated by the gift of their reader to change their perspective about their situation and unbeknownst to them revealed a new course of their spiritual life. After the reading, the deck was passed down to them and they have been reading tarot ever since. Ashley approaches the circumstances of each client from a choice of several decks and creates an emotional and spiritual connection. Their readings are a conversation that guides others to make their own choices surrounding their circumstances. They never hesitate to tell the truth while coming from a place of grounded compassion. They tell you a story that opens your consciously in the present and empowers you to see what something greater is holding in your future. 

Ashley also has a unique perspective as a gender nonconforming QTPOC reader, a kink lifestyle and polaymorous woman and an individual living with a mental illness. They're passion is to read folks in marginalized communities and create insight as they navigate through invisablity and oppression. 

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available in shop on Thursdays or by appointment.
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Haylin Belay

Many of Haylin Belay's tarot clients consider themselves skeptics... and some days, she does, too. But after years of personal practice, the cards have reliably provided insight and guidance on topics both energetic and mundane - and as Haylin is fond of saying, "it doesn't matter if it's real, as long as it's true." Her empathetic reading style, based firmly in the intuition and personal power of the seeker, demystifies the Tarot and is a great fit for first-timers, skeptical seekers, and beginner readers. 

Unlike other professional tarot readers, Haylin works less as a medium, psychic, or spiritual channel, and more as a "tarot doula"; her primary role is to hold space and provide insight into the seeker's individual exploration of their personal power. To that end, seekers are encouraged to touch and manipulate the cards for a truly self-guided experience. Her practice checks and challenges the dogmatic, racist, gender essentialist, and hierarchical barriers to entry that have historically made the craft intimidating or unappealing to potential practitioners. Seekers will leave with clarity about the path ahead and insight into the technology of Tarot.

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available in shop on Saturdays or by appointment.
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Rowan Alexa

Rowan Alexa is an artist, environmental scientist, bioregional animist and hereditary witch who has been reading tarot among other forms of sortilege divination and omen reading for over seven years.

Having studied under teachers like Robert Place, David Abram, and Martin Shaw, they delight in helping clients tap into their inner magick to create positive change in the world. They are the Honey-Tongued Water Witch, Dragonfly Diviner, Selkie Seductress.

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available by appointment.
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Charlie is an Afro Caribbean TGNC person, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He has been practicing divination from the age of 16 and has continued to do readings around the country.  Charlie is a medium that channels earth angels, guides and ancestors for guidance in their readings. His fun, witty and straight forward demeanor speaks to his Gemini Sun & his Aquarius Moon which makes him a multifaceted and adaptable reader.  As a child, Charlie’s empathic abilities allowed for interactions with spirits, psychic visions and lucid dreaming. These experiences influenced his practice in witchcraft and Yoruba traditions. In his journey he has found that he is a psychic medium and reader who provides his services by way of palm touching and tarot card readings.

 Charlie is a Doula in training, medium, witch, healer and diviner who is interested in helping other QTPOC folx connect to their futures, present and past, aiding in their healing and growth. Although he is committed to the healing of folx who share his identity, he are also under the belief that in order to fully heal, we must do so together. He is open to anyone who connects or expresses curiosity in his work or abilities.  Charlie is also the creator of the Sex as Healing workshop as a way for communities of color and queer identities to create self-care habits that allow for better sex that is both healing and pleasure with a dash of magic. 

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available by appointment.
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Sarah Lyons

Sarah Lyons is an experienced diviner who has been reading cards since she was 16 years old, following in the footsteps of her great grandmother who practiced divination to support herself. A native of New England, Sarah has been involved in Brooklyn's Occult scene for years, and is currently the "Witch in Residence" at Vice. In addition to her work at Vice, she has been featured in Teen Vogue, Fusion, and Slutist. 

Sarah considers herself a Witch who's practice is based mainly in English, Northern European, and American folk magic. She believes tarot is both a practical tool for examining one's life, and a spiritual tool for exploring one's destiny. In a reading from Sarah you can expect humor, clarity, and a whole bunch of magic.

$60 / half hour, $80 / hour ; Available by appointment.
To book a reading with Sarah, please click here.