Astrology & numerology


B Hollywood

B is a queer swamp witch from Florida with roots in southern folk magic & an affinity for practical witchcraft. For B, accessibility is incredibly important in their work, and you can expect to walk away from a reading with B with a list of household items that are magickal enough - working with everything from the power of numbers & candle magick, to roots, herbs and curios as allies in your spellcraft. As Catland's house numerologist, B will create an individually-tailored report specific to you, exploring the similarities and differences between your birth chart and the defining numbers of numerology. These reports are written in an accessible, beginner-friendly tone & are easy to understand, regardless of ones own personal practice. Booking a reading with B will result in this report being generated, and it can be sent to you through email or explained to you in person or through Skype/phone reading. B is known for their friendly and inviting energy, and they would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Readings with B primarily entail generating a detailed numerology report, and analyzing this report alongside  the querent's basic astrological placements. These numerology readings can be conducted in person, or via FaceTime, Skype or phone.

$60 / Available by appointment
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Malorine Mathurin

Malorine Mathurin of MoonLady Astrology is an Evolutionary and Hellenistic Astrologer who uses her intuitive, empathic, clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities to help her clients work through issues from previous lives that are still present in this incarnation. True to her Afro-Caribbean witchy roots she works with her Orishas and spirit guides to offer a full rounded reading for her clients. For over 20 years, she has deeply studied Western and Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Divination and Tarot.

While Malorine looks at the entire natal chart she primarily uses the lesser known asteroids and placements to reveal past life information, such as: The Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/IC, the Lunar Nodes and the Vertex which shows deep past life energy while asteroids such as Ceres, Chiron, Pallas Athena and Black Moon Lilith hide our shadow side, traumas and wounds.  

She will work with spirit, to gently guide you towards your own individual uniqueness and greatness in this life. Malorine’s main goal is to help her clients to elevate and grow as spiritual beings having a human experience with compassion and kindness.

Malorine is at Catland for Intuitive tarot/oracle card readings, Numerology readings, Akashic Records readings and various Astrology sessions - Natal charts, Solar Returns, Progressed charts, Transit charts (which show detailed past and future experiences) and Synastry readings (compatibility for couples).

Card readings / Akashic Records readings: $60/30 minutes, $80/hour
Astrology + Card readings: $80/hour, $140/ 2 hours

Special combination readings: available upon request, email us. Available by appointment only.
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Annabel Gat

Annabel Gat (you may know by her pen name, Licorice Root) is a tarot reader and astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research. Her professional consulting practice began in 2009, and she taught at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment from 2010 through 2012, before becoming the first resident reader at Catland when the shop opened in 2013.

She has a wildly popular daily and monthly horoscope column with Vice’s women’s interest channel, Broadly, and her horoscopes are a daily feature on Vice’s Snapchat channel. She’s the advising astrologer to, a Los Angeles based dating app that pairs singles based on their compatibility. Her writing on astrology and the occult has also been regularly featured on MTV News and MTV Hive. She was interviewed in Julie Tibbot’s Members Only: Secret Societies, Sects, and Cults Exposed! and she’s been featured in publications such as Dazed and Confused magazine, and more.  

Annabel is a no bullshit kind of reader. If you come in with a problem, you’ll leave with a solid plan to solve your situation.

$240/60 minutes ; Available by appointment. 
To book a reading with Annabel, please visit her website.