National Book Lover's Day Sale: We Love Small Press!

Today is National Book Lover's Day. We love our small press books! Catland Favorites include titles by Ouroboros Press, Fulgur Esoterica, Scarlet Imprint, Edda Press, Starfire, Three Hands Press, and Jerusalem Press. We covet them so much that it's sometimes difficult for us to let them leave the shop.

But, our mission has always been to provide an outlet for these quality publishers, so in honor of the day we're offering a 15% discount on all small press and rare used books. Our booklovers sale starts today and lasts throughout the weekend.

This includes the recently re-released Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant, David Chaim Smith's Blazing Dew of Stars, and one of our favorites the Jerusalem Press edition of Austin Osman Spare's The Book of Pleasure (They printed sigil inlays throughout the book. It's awesome.)