Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn & Sisyphus Politics

On the day following another brutal round of presidential debates, our new house astrologer Frederich Steinmann is looking to the heavens. By his calculations, some severe and foreboding astrological weather is setting us up for the political battle of a lifetime- and has been for some time. Through the lens of astrology and archetypal myth, he offers us a new lens with which to view our political climate, and to understand it's sinister and, often, self defeating Plutonian currents. 

So here is what’s going on astrologically in the sky.  

The Sun is currently in Libra, the sign of balance and competition, but is about to leave Libra on the 23rd of October to enter Scorpio- the sign of death and transformation.  Scorpio rules things you can’t avoid for life to go on; sex, death, taxes, and sharing.  Scorpio is a complicated sign and is co ruled by Mars and Pluto. In America, we elect a new president every four years while the Sun is in Scorpio.

Hills in her true double-Scorpio form

Hills in her true double-Scorpio form

Mars and Pluto came into a conjunction yesterday in the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn rules governments, presidents, and CEOs.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so the desire for power is high in the world.  It’s a perfect time for a presidential debate.  But with Pluto in Capricorn there is always caution.  Pluto can represent the powerful, wealthy people (aka Plutocrats) that can support you behind the scenes, or bring you down through all your hidden secrets.  Pluto transiting in Capricorn could also represent the crumbling of ambitions not anchored through integrity of motive.  

One of the mysteries to leadership is taught by the famous Capricorn Lord Jesus: "true leaders serve."  This was discussed in the bible through the symbolic washing of feet.  Peter, the most ambitious disciple, was uncomfortable with someone greater then he performing a task suited for a servant or slave.  I’m paraphrasing, but Jesus said "accept this service or lose me forever".

This joining of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn is reflecting the ugliness hidden in the underbelly of the ambitions and motives to become the next US president.  America has been governed by the wealthy from behind the scenes (Plutocrats) for who knows how long.  Since 2008, the truth of the Plutocracy in this country has been slowly and steadily revealed by an increasing number of stories about the financial control of Washington through special interests and their lobbying organizations.  These investigative stories are the reason why Monsanto is seeking a merger- to die off and hide their activities in another larger company.   It’s a well-timed coincidence, or synchronicity; when Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, many banks and other unsound financial schemes began to fail. Along side this turmoil, we were blessed with New Hope in this country with the presidency of Barack Obama.  Just a fun FYI – Donald Trump opened up a mortgage business in 2006.

Whatever Pluto touches in a horoscope is forever changed.  In greco-roman myth, not even Zeus could reverse Hades’ decision.  After this presidential election, you could say that everyone will think differently about the ambition and path required to become President.

Gemini Trump in his natural state of sass

Gemini Trump in his natural state of sass

Ever since 2008, the Plutocracy has been struggling to keep their secrets hidden in this “new normal” economy.  I was commenting to a friend about last night’s debate that, 12 years ago, you would not know all this secret information on political candidates.  

Is it an accident that Trumps tape with Billy Bush was released by Billy Bush a member of the Bush family?  
Has this type of “business as usual” always went on behind the scenes?
Or is this just an exaggerated collective caricature to grab our attention for some other reason?

Mars leaves Capricorn the morning after election day November 9th.

The journey to the top of one’s respective field in Capricorn can be equated to climbing a mountain.  Although one can just be placed at the top of mount Everest in one helicopter ride, the sudden change in altitude would cause a shock to the system and the body would fail and die.    

On the other hand, there is a fairly rotten system of stairs to climb to the top of this political mountain. There are all sorts of obscure rules, systems, and structures that don’t make sense for where the country and world are headed.  So a restructuring of the political landscape is definitely needed.  I believe, The Donald’s political death will fertilize Americas political landscape and create a new way up the presidential mountain that he will never reach.  Kind of like a poor man’s Moses.   

Additionally, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.  Saturn is the planet which rules laws and regulations like the Law of Karma.  Karma also has astrological resonance with the sign Libra, where the Sun is currently transiting.  The Law of Karma summarized, what one sows is what one reaps.  In order to get soundly to the top of one’s personal Mt Everest, the ambition and will (Capricorn and Mars) must be there. In addition to ambition and will, the steps taken must be with integrity or else the sickle/cycle of Saturn will bring one down to begin the climb all over again.  

Keep in mind- in a little over a year, Saturn and his sickle will enter the sign of Capricorn on Dec 20 2017.

To those discouraged by the quality and content of the current political debate, I offer this encouraging Greek myth.

Sisyphus was one of the craftiest men in Greek mythology.  He was a king and, in order to demonstrate strength, he committed xenia.  Xenia is killing travelers.  Travelers have the right to safety under the ancient laws of hospitality.  The motive for Sisyphus’ xenia was to say, basically, “I'm a bad hombre”.  Xenia violated Zeus’ law, and the penalty for xenia is death.  Zeus sent Thanatos to escort Sisyphus to the underworld.  There are many versions of how this was done, but in each one, Sisyphus cheated death and lived a few short years longer.  

In one version, Sisyphus conned Thanatos.  He asked to show him how the he would be chained to the rock and left Thanatos chained to a rock.  In another account Sisyphus noticed that Hermes did not escort him to the underworld and got out of the underworld on a technicality.  In a third version, Sisyphus convinced Persephone and Hades (Pluto), Queen and King of the Underworld respectively, that his wife did not follow the burial rites properly, and left him dead on the street without leaving a toll for the Ferryman Charon.  Sisyphus was bound by law to go to earth and scold her since she technically violated the law- making her a “nasty woman”.  But what Hades and Persephone did not know was that Sisyphus’ wife was only following orders.  In a final version, Hades went up to earth personally to escort Sisyphus to the underworld.  Keep in mind- Hades rarely left the underworld.  Sisyphus conned Hades to tie himself to the boulder.  Without Hades in the underworld, no one could die.  People being unable to die went against the fundamental laws of nature, a much more severe offense then xenia, and Zeus sent Ares (Mars) to free Hades and bring Sisyphus to the underworld.

Sisyphus ultimately was punished for his con jobs.  In all versions, the punishment was the same.  For the rest of eternity, Sisyphus is condemned to push a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down back again.

If you think people are getting away with a con, they really are only conning themselves.  Conmen only end up being slaves to their own unquenchable ambition forever and ever, in exchange for a few fleeting moments of comfort and power.  This is the personal challenge for every human being- not to take joy as others plummet on their Sisyphian descent, or you will be dragged down with them, eventually.  A more karma-friendly alternative- thank them for the lesson, wish them well, and move on.  Let Time and the Law be their judge. Go high where they go low.

The Pluto-Mars conjunction asks us to uncover why we are motivated to achieve what we currently desire.  We can change who we are by examining and subtly shifting the motive for our goals.  Through this process, one will find that over time, we organically become the person we need to be to achieve these goals.