Monthly Tarot Forecast for October

Well, after the complicated and gloomy astrological weather of September, I'm sure we're all ready for a change. The planets have ceased their eclipses, retrogrades, and the rest of their shenanigans. And, if you've done your homework, hopefully you'll be emerging into October feeling like a brand new (albeit, war-hardened) person, with new goals, new priorities, and a new perspective. 

The thing about transformation is that its hard to stay transformed in an untransformed world. And October will present us with a million opportunities to fall into old, familiar darkness- to wallow in friendly shadow, even though things are looking up, simply out of habit. This month will require renewed mindfulness and vigilance in the face of a hundred opportunities to be basic. You remember from last month that your meat-suit deserves better than basic. Keep swimming, don't feed the trolls, and keep a good handle on those thoughts and emotions - this month, you could be your own worst enemy. 

Using the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, house reading Blue June illuminates a bit of that familiar darkness for us.

RELINQUISH - Ace of Clubs, upright
Ah yes, the beginning of this new season makes it easy for us to really embrace the new beginnings of the next chapter in all our lives.  It's no mistake that we feel so fresh and new!  The very last day of September we experienced the Black Moon, this is when a second New Moon within one month occurs.  The Black Moon is always an aid in starting something new with a clean slate and doing so with intense clarity.  Some of us may have even experienced miraculous obstacles clearing out of the way.  The roads are clear now for business ventures, creativity and even inventions!  This time may even be the start of a very meaningful experience in your lives! Pay close attention to synchronicity these next couple of weeks leading up to the full moon and start building the experience and adventure you want to achieve!  

FOCUS - Nine of Coins, reversal
Don't you just love it when divination gives you something positive and then says, "Yeah but watch out!"  Our focus this month doesn't negate the open roads ahead, it just suggests we proceed with caution. Staying grounded and using our best discretion moving forward in matters of business and even material possessions.  Keep track of where you put your phone, keys, etc.  This may also influence some of our valued friendships, so keep a close eye on those things as well as you enjoy these new opportunities.

CHALLENGE - Knight of Coins, reversal
One thing we need to be really careful about this month is missing out on opportunities because of feeling stagnant, lacking determination or direction, or just plain not recognizing these roads opening until it's too late.  We talked about evaluating our mortality last month and maintaining better habits to take care of our bodies, so if you haven't started now is the time.  The early season of fall is usually a vibrant time in our community!  So much activity and so many things to do, excited to show off our layers we definitely keep very busy around here! Don't let those blues in to block your vision of what wonderful adventures await you.  Stay focus, stay driven, and make sure you're eating well and taking care of your meat suit!


EMBRACE - Two of Swords, upright
We need to raise our vibration this month!  If we can match those of Harmony and Balance we are going to attract the outcomes we want in all matters.  Allow yourself to be affectionate with loved ones.  Practice self care on the regular and achieve your clarity by any means necessary.  This is NOT a good month to allow yourself time for self pity, this could set a precedent for a long time to come and we don't want to match the vibration of depression throughout the entire winter, now do we??  As we begin to see the leaves changing later this month I want you to imagine the parts of yourself that no longer serve you simply falling away through the season.  Release those hang-ups and embrace the greater possibilities that are very prominent, even though they may not seem perfectly apparent to you at all times.

Blue June, founder of Magick Talismans Tarot and The Broom Closet, specializes in tarot readings, crystal casting and oracle divination.  Blue teaches Catland's monthly Intro to Tarot class and is the creator/curator of the celebrated monthly Full Moon Market.  She has been featured in Omnifeed, Broadly, Vice, and Nylon Magazine.  Blue is available for walk-in tarot readings Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays at Catland, and other days by appointment.