Amanda Angle's Living Tarot for Catland

Each fall, our staff and readers go to great lengths to work alongside local artists in crafting our house calendar for the following year. This has been a fundraising project for two years in a row, in an effort to help Catland afford necessary renovations, such as soundproofing, insulation, tiling, and new shop furniture. This year, local photographer Amanda Angle was inspired to join our team in reimagining the Major Arcana archetypes of the Rider Waite tarot. 

Co-owner Fred Jennings as The Hanged Man

Novitiate Gigi Mead as The Magician

Novitiate Dasha Zarina and reader Blue June as The Lovers

Novitiate Dasha Zarina and reader Blue June as The Lovers

Angle's work is stark, melancholic, and uniquely feminine. She uses the lens to explore wild & liminal spaces - destroyed homes, seashores, shadows, worlds between worlds. She approaches the occult gingerly and genuinely, without dipping into too much of it's pop aesthetic. It is nevertheless effortlessly present in her subject matter and the way she chooses to examine it.

No surprise, then, that in curating this project with us, Angle was drawn to breathing new life into the old robes of Rider Waite figures. While some characters are true to their origins, others divorce from typical iconography to varying degrees, in an effort to impart a more updated, modern flavor. These personalities, so overproduced that they have almost misplaced their esoteric nature, are re-enlivened in this mini-series, and given the freedom to act and dance and shift beneath the surface of the subconscious once more. 

Novitiate Aerrin Kolfage as The Empress

Co-Owner Melissa Madara and novitiates Cooper Wilhelm & Gigi Mead as The Hierophant 

Additionally, this annual project gives us the opportunity to showcase the members of our incredible staff. As a shop that holds space for such a vast and complex community, the members of our family are especially important to us. These are the faces of Catland books, and are a part of our history, our personality, and our future.

You may pre-order your 2017 Catland calendar, complete with a full listing of Pagan holidays, Roman festivals, Catholic feasts, and astrological observances, through our online shop. Funds raised will go directly to improving our ever-evolving space, and to allowing us to expand as our community grows.