Status Quo for the Piscean Age : US Presidential Election & Astrology

The results of last night's election have shocked and horrified people around the globe. As a place that strives to hold space for all members of the community, regardless of background, gender, economic status, race, or tradition, Catland was especially shaken by this result. The new president of this nation stands for so many things that we do not- divisiveness, fear, control, disrespect, vitriol, and inequality. 

In the wake of this complex and nation-shaking decision, house astrologer Frederick Steinmann places our frustration and grief in the context of the stars, and offers us solidarity, validation, and blessing.

I woke up this morning with a feeling that I have failed and a deep sorrrow. With this thought that I could have done better, and I am not doing enough. Feelings of failure, failure itself and sorrow are ruled by Pisces.

We are still in the Piscean age, so Piscean lessons still hold water for all Humanity. With the Moon in Pisces today we will do good to reflect on the meaning of the sign of Pisces and its purpose for humanity- out of suffering comes greater humility, compassion and wisdom. The greatest spiritual scriptures and epics were written, told or occurred throughout the Ages while shackled on the floors of the deepest dungeons or in exile. Pisces also rules prisons, exiles and spirituality.

From the words of a one-time incarcerated Astrologer Alan Leo, “[Pisces] in human life often symbolizes failure and self-undoing; but out of the failure comes the realization that man’s[or woman’s] life or essence is a vapour to be distilled from the dregs of his[or her] emotions” 

Today I weep.

I weep for my own naïve, perhaps foolish, idealism and misplaced exuberance; may I remain anchored on The Path, is all I ask-this Time.

I weep for my wife; may Time, reward her with the Joy of her Soul for choosing blind justice, over blind loyalty.

I weep for my parents; may they find greater Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Joy, Freedom and Wholeness with their choice, in Time.

I weep for my children; may they understand what they are feeling, over Time.

I weep for all wives, grandmas, aunts, daughters, girlfriends, sisters, granddaughters and nieces; in Time, your father’s, uncles, son’s, brothers, boyfriends, nephews, and grandfather’s will "a" be, see and do better.

I weep for the person who made the decision to print Madam President on the NY Times; during these Times, may their family’s needs be provided for.

I weep for the main stream media’s rotting business model and the employees who hold it together; may Time, help them regain their true values. 

I weep for the baby boomers; may Time erode all their fears.

I weep for the millennials; may Time point them in the right direction.

I weep for those who forcefully impose their ill-will on others; may Time suddenly reveal- those who harm others, only damn themselves.

I weep for the sudden profitability to the pant suit industry; may Time grant you prudence, practicality and sensibility.

I weep for the false prophets who intentionally lead good men and women astray; may Time have mercy on you.

I weep for all those whom are oppressed and fall while taking a stand; in Time, you will rise again.

I weep for all whom have felt hollow victories; may Time grant meaning to your life.

I weep for all the dreamers, revolutionaries and visionaries who have been betrayed; may Time teach you greater discipline and discretion.

I weep for those whom are suffering from lack vision and insight; may Time turn your wounds into Wisdom.

I weep for those whom lack creativity to create greater love and compassion; may Time grant them the blessing of an open heart.

I weep for those who divide nation against nation, man against woman and brother vs brother; may Time bring more inclusive and creative solutions.

I weep for all drawn into the wrong battle for the right reasons; may Time grant you greater discrimination.

I weep for those whom grow up with silver spoons in their mouths and golden parachutes in their back pockets; in Time, they will struggle with the joy of humility.

I weep for the lost souls who fight hate and fear - with greater hate and fear; may Time teach you the Wisdom is Love.

I weep for those who can’t see the large-impact of their small-self righteousness; may Time provide you with clearer mirrors.

I weep for bully’s across the ages; may Time teach you to be brave enough to love yourself again.

I weep for those that desire good, but create harm; may Time be gentle with you.

Frederick Steinmann is an astrological counselor at Catland Books. He spent over 10 years on Wall Street as an accountant and consultant. He is available for walk in appointments on Thursdays or by appointment for other days.