Monthly Tarot Forecast For December

This past year has taken so many of us on an underworld journey through the darkest parts of ourselves. Whether it has lead us to enlightenment or just to more questions, our astrological weather has made 2016 a very pivotal year for personal growth and development. As the year draws to a close, we see some precedents and themes being set forth to flavor the future- partnerships, teamwork, intimacy, and our social needs. With our brand new selves ready to take their first steps, it's time to see how well they play with others. In short, the "Who am I?" (self-development and identity crisis) of 2016 are giving way to the "Who are we?" (partnership building and collective will) of 2017. Considering we've all been subject to the same burnishing process in 2016, there's a good chance some of your close relationships will have changed significantly. It's time to take stock of who helps and who hurts, and who will be part of our 2017 survival team. 

Using the Holly Simple Tarot Deck, house reader Blue June gives us some blueprints for how to find our allies, and how to survive our enemies. 

RELINQUISH: 3 of Cups, upright
In a time when we are all feeling the darkness of winter slowly setting in, it's important that we are very careful of who we are keeping close this month.  Any relationship that is draining you of all of your energy could be the cause of unnecessary stress down the line this month and even into next year.  Make sure each relationship has reciprocity.  If there is not enough balance between the give and take then it may be time for some healthy boundaries, or may even be time to cut ties.  Trust your instincts on this, you'll know what is needed to protect yourself from being drained.

FOCUS: 2. 5 of Wands, upright
Disagreements could run rampant if we're not careful through this month.  There will most likely be some trying to times coming up for many people in other ways, so speaking softly and moving with intention is going to be key to avoiding this.  Yet another reason to be sure the people you're spending time with are not a source of drama.  We are in a dark time, even the planets are reflecting this so it's important to do things in the month of December that make you happy.  If that means listening to your favorite holiday music on repeat, go nuts.  If it means tuning that same music out at your job, find the best way to not actually go nuts.

CHALLENGE: 9. The Moon, upright
I'm going to tell you something you probably already know.  There are massive amounts of fear being generated by so many different groups of scary folks (and mere individuals) in the world right now, and most everyone is susceptible and really feeling this energetically.  Some people are using this technique as a defense mechanism, others are doing it out of maliciousness and simply taking advantage of this dark time in the name of feeling powerful.  We cannot let this take control of us.  We have to face the reality, face our fears and charge forward with strength of conviction.  It's fight or flight and the challenge this month is not turning tail and running away.  It's going to be very difficult, but if you're very careful about what company you keep and feeding the community we can stand together and fight back.  I'm not saying you don't have a good reason to be scared, but fear is simply an illusion and you can choose to shatter it with your confidence and strength of self.

EMBRACE: 12. The Lovers, upright
Bringing us full circle back to the our "Relinquish" card, alliances will come naturally with people who are present to help us align with our higher vibration.  We can look forward to feeling a sense of unity against those who are generating fear and coming together means we have strength in numbers.  You are not alone our there.  This may also be a great time for romance- as the temperature drops and people tend to couple up for the cold days ahead, this is not a surprise.  You may find that your bonds with your partners become stronger through the month, or someone you've had your eye on may finally notice you back!  Hold these people close and enjoy every moment together in gratitude.  

Blue June, founder of Magick Talismans Tarot and The Broom Closet, specializes in tarot readings, crystal casting and oracle divination.  Blue teaches Catland's monthly Intro to Tarot class and is the creator/curator of the celebrated monthly Full Moon Market.  She has been featured in Omnifeed, Broadly, Vice, and Nylon Magazine.  Blue is available for walk-ins Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays at Catland, and other days by appointment.