Monthly Tarot Forecast for July

Happy July, friends! As last month's harsh Mars retrograde fades into memory, the full ripeness of summer comes to Brooklyn. Join us as we take a quick peek into what this warm & luscious month has in store for us. Using the delicately gilded Visconti-Sforza deck, in-house reader Blue June leads us through the ups and downs that July has in store. 

RELINQUISH - 10 of Swords, reversal
We are moving away from a time of great stress, emotional pain and anxiety and while some of those feelings are still lingering, most of us can feel the burden of June lifting and we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Financial problems and social anxieties heightened  and just to add insult to injury whatever issues individuals commonly struggle with became even more challenging this past month.  If you used this time of intensity to get some important answers about yourself and where you are heading, good for you!  If you are still feeling anxious, you have some things left to examine.  Take time to reflect inwardly and get these answers so that you can let go and move forward.  There is something positive awaiting you on the other side, so get to work!


FOCUS - Knight of Chalices, upright
Remain open minded to positive emotional experiences!  This month is a great time to strengthen your most beloved friendships.  Pay close attention for any clues that will lead to healing of the heart and opportunities to make yourself available for service to others.  Getting together with a group of loved ones to create something beautiful will be rewarding in surprising ways and may lead to future adventures if you can keep your heart open.

CHALLENGE - Queen of Chalices, reversal
Wearing your heart on your sleeve comes with many rewards this month, but will be more difficult than usual to maintain.  Collectively we are still healing from the trauma we encountered last month, so there will be many moments you don't feel like keeping your heart open, but I assure you if you power through these lapses through small acts of service you will reap the benefits.  Remain selfless this month and give your time to others, this month is a time to put others before you.  Don't set your expectations of others too high for the time being, especially in those relationships that you find the most trying.  This is where your patience is needed most!

EMBRACE - 2 of Cups, upright
Moving forward you will begin to enjoy the reward of enhanced partnerships, be they in matters of love, business, or friendship.  This harmony is long awaited and will provide some overdue peace of mind.  Much has been endured to get to this place so congratulate yourself on the work you've done to get here!  Self care is of the upmost importance to complete this part of the journey.  Create space for yourself to indulge, but don't over do it, others will gravitate towards your healthy love of self.

Blue June is one of Catland's most revered tarot readers who also provides crystal casting and oracle divination.  She teaches the monthly Intro to Tarot class and is the creator/curator of the celebrated monthly Full Moon Market.  Blue is available for walk-ins Saturdays and Mondays at Catland, and other days by appointment.