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Venefica Magazine

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Venefica Magazine : Volumes 1-3

Venefica Magazine Catland's premiere publication, published on the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. Venefica is a radical occulture mag, featuring commentary, art, and spell craft from a selection of our favorite writers & artists.

Venefica seeks to continue the legacy of the witch by conjuring her rebel archetype- the poisoner, the protestor, the one who generates chaos in a quest for freedom and wilderness. Through education, artwork, and storytelling, we seek to provide practical tools for those looking to tap into these powerful energies, and to feed the wild, rebellious witch in you.

VOL. 1

Of Flowers & Shadows: Springtime in the City of the Vital Dead
by Damon Stang

Weed Witches: the Magic of “Undesirable Plants”
by Rowan Alexandra

Love, Genitals, Pinecones: The Myth of Attis
a drunken retelling by Cooper Wilhelm

Issy & JC
a short story by Lorry Kikta

Poppies in the Blood: Ancestor Magic & Plant Allyship
by Sarah Lyons

The Nine Herbs Charm
by Asc Helvetius

The Serpentine Light
by Lara Antal

a photo series by Amy Mills

Magic & Muses: The Immortal Echo
by Alexis Palmer Karl

Ancestory Work
by Sabrina Scott

Your “Love & Light” Will Not Save You
by Dakota Bracciale

The Witches of Kings County
by Maegan Gindi

Poems as Spells
by Lisa Marie Basile

Sonic Sigils
by Douglas Lucas

Color Magic to Set Your Spring Intentions
by Sarah Potter

On Conjuring a Coven: Creating Magical Community
by Haleigh Schiafo

Our Magic Must Be Intersectional: On Community, Identity, & Feminism
with Kristen Sollee

The Magic of Self Pleasure
by Ashley Young

Nox Verbis: The Poetry Vault
Featuring poetry by Lorry Kikta, Melissa Jayne Madara, Stephanie Valente, Trista Edwards, Jes Wittig, Tori Eberle, and Kailey Tedesco

Featuring artwork by Corinne Dodenhoff, Brian James Finnegan, Stephanie Caponi, B Hollywood, Irina Adam, Linzi Silverman, Lara Antal, Amy Mills, Maegan Gindi, Glen Velez, Anima Mundi, Sarah Schechter, Susanna Schaeffer, Alyssa Mullen, Eileen Conlisk, and Joanna Ferrin

VOL. 2 -

Mabon, As Told By Fire
by Montine A. Rummell

Kairos, Metanoia, & Religious Ecstasy
By Emery Ross

A Plea for Radical Witches
By Sarah Lyons

War Witch: The Art & Ethics of the Curse
By Dakota Bracciale

On Waking
By Alex Kelso

Familiars: The Animal Within
By Alexis Palmer Karl

Materia Magica
a discussion with B Hollywood

Beautiful & Good Things: Collecting Natural Curiosa and Personal Arcana
By Trista Edwards

Night As Egress or Confessions of a Teenage Dendrophile
By Damon Stang

On Going Forth By Night: A Ritual
By Damon Stang

The Wild Table: A Feast for the Autumn Equinox
By Melissa Jayne Madara

Death of the Maiden: Pregnancy and the Primordial Portal to Motherhood
By Christie Craft

The Scented Witch: Magic & Perfumery
By Tanisha Lopes

How to Craft Your Own Book of Shadows
by Archita Mittra

Talking to Poets Who Talk to the Dead
By Cooper B. Wilhelm

Nox Verbis: The Poetry Vault
Featuring poetry by Lorry Kikta, Catherine Garbinsky, Jes Wittig, Melissa Jayne Madara, Catherine Kyle, Cristina Farella, & Sheena Carroll

Featuring artwork by Corinne Dodenhoff, Brian James Finnegan, Stephanie Caponi, B Hollywood, Irina Adam, Linzi Silverman, Maheen Lemon, Paul Tupek, Aleah Devin Justice Muzyka, Destiny Star Portillo, Nathaniel Russell, Alexis Palmer Karl, Fay Nowitz, and Kevin Talmer Whiteneir Jr.

VOL. 3 -

Visualizing Queer Heresy: A Manifesto
by Kevin Whiteneir Jr.

Dreams, Myth & Magic: Creating Your Own Narrative
by Albert Garcia Jr.

In The Mugwort Field: Accessing the Magic of This Witching Herb
by Irina Adam

Conjuring the Divine Healer: Vanessa Irena & Dr. Al Cummins on Magical Workings and Saint Raphael The Archangel
by Cooper Wilhelm

With This Kiss, I Turn Poison to Magic: On the History of Witches & Poisonous Plants
by Alexis Palmer Karl

New Stories: On Intuiting Personal Traditions & Myths
by Montine Rummell

Five Principles of Green Witchcraft
by Asa West

Of Simony & Mammon: A Look at how Capitalism Seeks to Exploit Witchcraft, and What We Can Do to Stop It
by Alex Kelso

Self Tie, Self Love, Self Worship: Rope as Ritual Practice
by Haleigh Schiafo

To Honor the Equinox: An Ostara Tarot Spread & Ritual
by Stefanie Caponi

Queen of the Flowers: On Roses & Rose Magic
by Cat Cabral

Conjured Dissent
a photo series by Anna Sirota

Les Quatre Freres: A Necromancer’s Herbal
by Meredith Graves

Scrying in Smoke : Practical Capnomancy
by Rowan Rain

Astrological Magic & Talismans
by Louise of Arabia

The Witch’s Ladder: A Brief Examination of Knot Magic
by Emily Linstrom

Featuring artwork by Corinne Dodenhoff, Stefanie Caponi, Fay Nowitz, B Hollywood, Caitlin Peck, Linzi Silverman, Kaitlin Martin, Irina Adam, Ari Moore, Haleigh Schiafo, Melissa Jayne Madara, and Paul Tupek.

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