Mithras Candles

100% ethically sourced, handcrafted beeswax candles made in Philadelphia. Member of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.

ChrysalisThe Chrysalis series of lights make an excellent gateway into the hand-dripped realm. The small but mighty Chrysalis I pillar is a popular and versatile light with a burn time of about 40-50 hours. The taller Chysalis II is a must have in any serious candle wizard's repertoire with a burn time of around 70-80 hours.
RusticThese pillars are poured from metal molds and then finished by hand. They provide the same quality of light as our flagship hand-dripped series but with a smooth exterior for those who desire a simpler look.
Seshetunder various spellings, is the Egyptian goddess of the written word. Her name literally means "female scribe". We thought this would be a beautiful name for our new line of 4-sided beeswax pyramids.