Soaps by the Fanciful Fox

Air of Mystery
Mysteriously floral, and surprisingly fresh, this zippy bar is sure to put some pep in your step. Relaxing lavender paired with kinda citrus, kinda floral palmarosa gives this bar some serious mystery.

Dead Sea

An exfoliating & truly detoxifying bar with a fresh lemongrass, amyris essential oil blend.

Fox Detox
This mild avocado oil based soap makes for a great head-to-toe cleanser. Powdered charcoal works as a gentle exfoliator while absorbing excess oils. The lavender, citrus essential oil blend rounds off the whole soap by balancing, and toning.

A pure, unadulterated favorite! Nothing beats a classic, and this one is sure to please. Straight up Bulgarian lavender is here to help stress, and wipe away any tension. Topped with dried lavender buds, and nothing else.

Lemon Sage Ginger
One of our oldest, and most popular blends! A blend of citrus, and herbal notes makes for a "clean" smelling soap.

Like a ray of moonlight in the darkness, this comforting patchouli and mint blend has just a touch of mystery to it. Topped with some silvery sparkles.

Rosemary Mint
Fresh and clean, this dynamic duo will earn it's place in your heart. Rosemary helps to tame the sharpness of peppermint. A staff, and fan favorite for an invigorating morning shower.

Bursting like a ray of sunshine, this sublime blend of citruses and Asiatic grasses features notes of spicy palmarosa and bright sweet orange.

Sweet Love
We could all use a little more love in our lives. A unique blend of aphrodisiac patchouli, fresh grapefruit, and sweet almond will send your senses to a lovely paradise of love. One of our prettiest soaps, topped with dried rose and lavender petals, finished with silver glitter. Gentle cleanser with a big bubbly lather.

Witchy Brew
A spooky frankincense based classic with grounding patchouli, and spicy cinnamon.

Wood Nymph
A patchouli blend suited for a pixie. Peppy peppermint teams up with sweet orange to compliment earthy patchouli.

approx. 6 oz each | Gentle cleanser with a big bubbly lather!

Cleansing & Moisturizing with Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa & Shea Butters.