Planetary Oils & Baths by St. Lucy Apothecary

The Sun
Invokes the power and glory of the mighty Sun and crowns the user in all its glory, power and wisdom, shining light on their path and illuminating the darkest corners of their life.

Sacred Day: Sunday
Sign: Leo

The Moon
Invokes the power of the Moon in order to bless one with the magik, might and mystery of the queen of the night skies.

Sacred Day: Monday
Sign: Cancer

Invokes the quicksilver wit and the fleet footed speed of Mercury to empower one’s thoughts and movements in their everyday life.

Sacred Day: Wednesday
Sign: Gemini, Virgo

Invokes Venus, the queen of beauty, harmony, balance and love to manifest those qualities in one’s luck, love and life.

Sacred Day: Friday
Sign: Libra, Taurus

Invokes Mars, the mighty god of war, bloodshed and vitality – the master of battle tactics and self determination in order to enact one’s autonomy and their agency.

Sacred Day: Tuesday
Sign: Aries

Invokes the magnificent power of Jupiter, king of the gods and of the planets, inviting expansive energy, new ideas and boundless growth into one’s life.

Sacred Day: Thursday
Sign: Sagittarius

invokes terrifying Saturn who draws the boundaries, limits and restrictions of the human experience, who manages debts and losses, failure and decay.

Sacred Day: Saturday
Sign: Capricorn

Invokes the revolutionary energies of Uranus, who upends the existing order and honors the integrity of the individual.

Sacred Day: Saturday
Sign: Aquarius

Invokes the hypnotic powers of Neptune, ruler of dreams, past life regressions and prophetic visions in order to understand one’s own intuitions and insights.

Sacred Day: Thursday
Sign: Pisces

Invokes the chthonic influence of Pluto, king of the underworld and patron of death, rebirth and the process of transformation, revealer of secrets, hidden information and treasures.

Sacred Day: Tuesday
Sign: Scorpio

These formulas may be combined with other St. Lucy Apothecary ritual oils and baths. Instruction for brewing the bath are included with each purchase.