Planetary Oils & Baths by St. Lucy Apothecary

These formulas may be combined with other St. Lucy Apothecary ritual oils and baths.

The Sun

Invokes the power and glory of the mighty sun and crowns the user in all its glory, power and wisdom. Featuring resins and botanicals sacred to the sun, this formula will banish stagnant energy, restore vitality and shine light on one’s path.

Sacred Day: Sunday
Sign: Leo

The Moon

Invokes the power of the moon to bless the user with its magik, might and mystery. Featuring botanicals sacred to the moon, this formula will empower one’s spellcraft, strengthen and clarify their intuition and illuminate the mysteries of the night. 

Sacred Day: Monday
Sign: Cancer


Invokes the quicksilver wit and the fleet-footed speed of Mercury to empower one’s thoughts and movements in their everyday life. Featuring botanicals sacred to Mercury, this formula affords clarity, inspiration, insight, movement, fluidity, guile and wit.

Sacred Day: Wednesday
Sign: Gemini, Virgo


Invokes Venus, the queen of beauty, harmony, balance and love to manifest her power in one’s luck, love and life. Featuring botanicals sacred to Venus, this formula attracts love, enhances beauty and imbues one with the self-sovereignty of this celestial queen.

Sacred Day: Friday
Sign: Libra, Taurus


Invokes the mighty powers of Mars, lord of war, bloodshed and virility. Featuring botanicals sacred to Mars, this formula affords one with Mars’ dominant spirit, battle tactics, autonomy, agency and self-determination.

Sacred Day: Tuesday
Sign: Aries, Scorpio


Invokes the magnificent power of Jupiter, king of both gods and planets. Featuring botanicals sacred to Jupiter, this formula invokes the expansive energy, abundance, wanderlust, new ideas and boundless growth into one’s life.

Sacred Day: Thursday
Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces


Invokes terrifying Saturn, ruler of time, boundaries, limits, debts, losses, fears, failures and decay. Featuring roots, resins and botanicals sacred to Saturn, this formula aids the user in managing the limitations of human experience, conjuring the dead and banishing unwanted spirits, people and influences.

Sacred Day: Saturday
Sign: Aquarius, Capricorn


Invokes the radical energy of Uranus, ruler of revolutionaries and non-conformists. Featuring botanicals sacred to Uranus, this formula provides innovative insight, upends the existing order, prioritizes the collective and leads the user to discoveries of all kinds.

Sacred Day: Saturday
Sign: Aquarius


Invokes the hypnotic powers of Neptune, ruler of the sea, dreams, illusions and mysteries. Using botanicals sacred to Neptune, this formula enables one to more fully understand and navigate the nebulous depths of the subconscious and the soul’s journey – including one’s past lives.

Sacred Day: Thursday
Sign: Pisces


Invokes the chthonic influence of Pluto, ruler of the death, the dead and the underworld. Featuring botanicals sacred to Pluto, this formula is especially useful for those in need of rebirth and transformation. Pluto is the revealer of secrets, forbidden knowledge and lost treasures. 

Sacred Day: Tuesday
Sign: Scorpio

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