Curios & Witchcraft

Join Bee Sampson for fascinating deep dive into animal curios and their longstanding place in various folk magic traditions!

Through a dynamic mix of history, mystery and magic, this zine examines 25 different curios, charms and everyday objects which are useful to any practitioner looking to enhance their practice. Featuring everything from antlers, feathers and teeth to coffin nails, hag stones and keys, this guide will walk you through the symbolism, history, correspondences and associated spellcraft for each of its entries.

This zine was borne from the stream of questions encountered about the various curios we offer in-shop, leading to this friendly, accessible guide which address various natural objects, their uses and the ethics involved with sourcing and using animal remains in spellcraft. So if you're trying to figure out what to do with the feather you found in your path or some dead insects you've come across, this is the zine for you!