The Little Book of Kitchen Witchcraft

This zine is a handy introduction to the history and practice of kitchen magic. Containing examples of ancient culinary spells, correspondence charts, elegant design, and 12 full recipes, The Little Book of Kitchen Witchcraft provides a thorough foundation for beginner and experienced witches alike to begin considering kitchen witchcraft as a practice with deep historical precedence, and many applications for modern practitioners.

Containing excerpts from Melissa Madara's premiere book, The Witch's Feast, this zine guides readers through five mini-chapters on kitchen magic - food as embodiment of the divine, symbolic language, useful correspondences, consecration, and sacrifice- and ends with an index of Melissa's own spells and recipes. Find a digital version of this zine in the Moon Cult Herbs shop as well!

Melissa Madara is a witch, chef, botanist, and storyteller, living and working in NYC. They are a co-owner at Catland Books, Brooklyn's little witch shop, and editor of Catland's in-house magazine, Venefica magazine. Melissa is the author of The Witch's Feast : A Kitchen Grimoire (Watkins Press, 2021), and has been featured as a writer in a number of publications, including Fiddler's Green and Susie Magazine.