Wildseed Feminism

Volume I: A Resource Book for Abortion Care
A ten-page resource zine on current and accessible abortion care. Topics in this little zine include: How to find a reputable clinic in your area, how to fund your abortion, hotlines for counseling, and much more. All in a very easy-to-read format that is suitable for everyone with hand-drawn illustrations.

Volume II: Herbal Remedies for Lifelong Reproductive Care
A 12 page zine packed with different herbs that assist the female reproductive system and recipes for how to use herbs to manage uncomfortable symptoms relating to PMS, periods, pregnancy, and perimenopause. Herbs can be powerful when used correctly and can also nourish the body in all its life stages. This is a great little hand-illustrated primer on herbal care!

Volume III: Safe Spaces: Self-Care, Distraction and Relaxation Techniques
This zine is not too long, but full of helpful information on how to get through an uncomfortable medical procedure—such as abortion—like a champ. It also touches on art therapy, aftercare, and creating good habits of self care. Hand-drawn illustrations and the entire zine is in black and white.