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"The Craft" Screening hosted by Courtney Weber

  • Catland 987 Flushing Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206 USA (map)

Lez-Be-Honest: How many of you picked up your first (possibly only...) book on Witchcraft after seeing that gritty 90's drama about teenaged would-be Witches in California who TOTALLY messed with things they OMG-TOTES shouldn't have messed with? Hands up, y'all! Yep, me too. Now, let's watch it together!

Synopsis: "The Craft" is a supernatural teen horror movie released in 1996. It stars Neve Campbell in her least-stable role to date, Fairuza Balk in her hottest-freaky guise, and a bunch of other people Hollywood never heard from again. They're outcasts at their parochial high school, of course, and out of boredom and desire for revenge, dabble in Witchcraft which, of course, goes terribly-terribly wrong.

If you haven't seen this film and are the type that needs to focus on your movies the first time through, this may not be the screening for you. Heckling will be allowed, even encouraged, if funny. Prizes will be given for best Fairuza Balk impression and possibly for Craft trivia knowledge. Snacks provided.

Witchy and/or Bad 90's attire strongly encouraged, but not required.

$7 Suggested Donation