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Brian Cotnoir: Alchemy and the Role of the Workshop

Strange Displays of the Marvelous, an occasional series of talks and demonstrations of alchemical practice with Brian Cotnoir, presents Alchemy and the Role of the Workshop: The Emerald Tablet and The Quintessence.

Join Brian Cotnoir, author of The Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy and upcoming new translation of the Emerald Tablet, for a discussion of the workshop's role in the Alchemist's practice.

The oratory and the laboratory, made famous in Khunrath’s image, is the starting point for tonight’s talk. Focusing on the workshop or laboratory, and drawing on two key alchemical texts, the Emerald Tablet and John of Rupescissa’s De Quinta Essentia, the talk will review the practices of distillation and circulation; show you how to set up a very simple, inexpensive apparatus for both processes; and extract aqua ardens from wine.
Further instructions will be given as
to how to prepare the quintessence or “fifth essence” that, according to Rupescissa, permeates all creation.

After tonight’s talk and demonstration you will have the basic concepts to begin alchemy experimentation and a better idea of how the inner work links to the physical work.

Presale: $15 (Purchased Here)
Day-of: $20

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