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Astrological Salon: Libra, Retrogrades, and Relationships

Hosted by Chris Goffredo.

Since we are in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, we will talk about how planets going backwards affect you personally. Then we'll look at the retrogrades in your natal chart. 

Also, We will pay special attention to the parts of the chart that indicate what is best for you in relationships. (Mainly Venus, as well as planets in Libra and the 7th house). Finally, we'll talk about relationships and reading 2 peoples charts together. 

(You can bring someone else's chart with you. Also go onto, under "Free Charts" click on "Extended Chart", add the second person in "Partner" and change "Natal Chart" to "Synastry" which will line up your charts together. "Composite" will combine both charts into an amalgamation or a chart of the relationship)

All levels of knowledge are welcome. 

Astrology is a language of symbols and signs in relation to each other. This Class/Salon is an opportunity to explore one planet at a time, in order to deepen you knowledge, understanding and confidence. Or just hang out and chat with us.

Please bring a copy of your natal chart which can be found on ( plug in your birth date, place and time) If you don't have that, come anyway.

Astrological Salon 
Sunday October 19, 2014
1-3 pm
987 Flushing Ave, Brooking NY 11206
$10 (Don't let the $$ stop you though)

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