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The Meditation and Ritual Lab

The Meditation and Ritual Lab is a meditation class for practitioners of magic. The discipline of meditation to achieve the aims of the magician, witch or mystic. It is open to all levels of experience. There will be an emphasis of both formlessness and form, meaning there will be opportunity in each class to practice some form of structured technique such as guided meditation, visualization, breath work, movement AND time for quiet reflection and for simply sitting in your own skin. Importance will be placed on developing stillness, centeredness, receptivity, focus and will.

This meditation is not tethered to a specific religion or practice. The basis of this class is my own personal practice which has evolved over the course of 14 years. What I am offering to teach are spiritual tools and techniques not dogmas. Students are encouraged to experience meditation in of itself, what conclusions that arise will be their own.

Process is an important aspects of this class. Each class is self-contained, allowing students to drop in as their schedules allow. Each class will be adapted to the experience level and needs of the attendees. Guest instructors may be introduced in certain classes as well.

classes are $5 and run every other Monday from 7:15pm to 8:45pm starting on 10-20-14

some topics to be covered include:

• Creating a Safe Space
• Receptivity and Cultivation of Qi or how to put energy into your work
• Ancestor Worship — How giving offerings to those who gave you your DNA can be a positive part of your practice
• Time travel along your personal timeline, experiencing the younger and future self
• Love Meditation for the Heartless

Fred Yee has been practicing meditation for 14+ years. He is empathic, energetically oriented and experienced in shamanic journeying. He maintains Taoist ancestor worship traditions passed down to him by his parents.

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