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Magickal Realms and Temple of Hecate Samhain

Hecate, Hecate, Hecate, Hecate! 
Goddess of the marsh and heathland 
Goddess of the sacred crossroads. 
Crone Goddess of Wisdom 
bringer of death, scavenger of souls 
Queen of the Night, Lady of the Underworld, 
I call upon you........
Sweet mystery, dark knowledge 
Hidden wisdom 
Bringer of chaos and madness 
We seek to enter your world----to know you. 
We bring libations, we bring offerings 
Show us your darkened face, 
Your blood wise mystery 
Lead us into the shadows 
into the darkest night" (from

Please join Magickal Realms, The Temple of Hecate, Inc. and Catland in celebrating All Hallows Eve to acknowledge the beginnings of winter and honor our beloved dead.

Expect fellowship, celebration, music, and a midnight Samhain ritual performed by members of the Temple. Refreshments will be served.

$20, 9pm-2am