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"Legend of the Witches:" Witchcraft meets MST3K(esque)


Presented by Courtney Weber.

More Witch-Movie Madness for your Pleasure and Intrigue to help Courtney fund her book tour…

"Legend of the Witches: The Weirdest Documentary on Witchcraft In The History Of The World. Probably.

For your viewing pleasure, performed Mystery Science Theater 3000-style, with New York's Bytchiest Wytches as your commentators: Damon Stang, Duchess Wendi, and Phillip English.

This hilariously bizarre 1969 documentary looks at the believed history of European Witchcraft, which might explain why Witches now have such sordid reputations. Features rare footage of Alex and Maxine Sanders, called "The King and Queen of the Witches” by their contemporaries, and founders of Alexandrian (“British Traditional”) Witchcraft.

Live Music by Duchess Wendi and
Sean Padraic Monistat

Plus prizes, giveaways, and other surprises! Snacks provided! BYOB.

Suggested Donation: $7