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Novices of the Old Ways Imbolc: Rebirth of the Sun and Earth

Feast day of the Goddess Brigid, Imbolc is the day that we celebrate the passing of Winter and make way for Spring.

The world Imbolc is derived from the Gaelic word "oimelc", meaning "ewes milk" or i mbolc, meaning “in the belly” It is a time to celebrate the lengthening of days and welcome the lighter part of the year.

This Sabbat we will be focusing on healing of the earth, farms and healing ourselves. Lets work together to find clarity about what our next steps should be coming out of the dark time and making full use of the time we have ahead to ensure the abundance of "crops" and what we can do to help our environment to heal as the days grow longer.

We will have two stations- the Sacred Flame of Brigid and Brigid's Sacred waters to use in reflecting on ourselves- what we will need for the times ahead- healing ourselves and our earth. We will also have a Seer to bring forth messages from the Goddess.

We will be sharing in a Ritual Feast, please bring what you can, if you can!

Stuff to bring:
Food/potluck for the Ritual Feast! (apples/breads/cheeses/Colcannon ;) )
$10 donation or what you can, if you can. As money? No problem!