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Action into Spring: A Night of Revelry, Rite, and Eco-Justice

Ostara is coming! The Witches' celebration of the Spring Equinox means honoring balance. But sometimes, to GET balance, we have to push for what's right.

Join us for an evening of ritual and revelry with a special focus on a very serious issue which could impact our city and region. Construction of a deepwater natural gas export station has been proposed for New York Harbor. This would pollute our water, affect regional tourism and economy, encourage fracking, and set up a potential target for terrorism or devastation should we have another Superstorm Sandy. ***Economically speaking, it is only projected to bring 6 permanent jobs to the region.*** This is also the same region where a much more ecologically and economically viable wind farm is proposed. Come find out how *you* can help fight the construction of the LNG port, and actually *fight* it at the event!

We will be flooding the phones of the Governors with public comments! On Tuesday morning, they will find their voicemails full of lovers and defenders of Gaia.

All faiths and paths welcome. Come make your voice heard and have a friggin' fabulous time, too.....

Live Music!!!!!

Burlesque by Sweet N' Lo!!!!!

Tasty Treats by Jennifer June!!!!

The Ritual of Ostara:
Rite for Personal and Community Actions into Spring.

Special guest speakers from United for Action and Sane Energy Project. To find out more information about this proposed project, please see the following links:

Suggested Donation $5 or what you can, if you can. See you there!