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Ritual Mechanics: Building Effective Rites

A ritual is a living, breathing entity….but why do some rituals soar and others flop? What are the qualities of the most effective rituals? Can powerful rituals happen in the a park, a rented studio, or even our own living rooms? How can we increase the depth of our solo Rites?

Whether ceremonial, ecstatic, or a combination, come learn a few tools to make your Pagan rituals (be they for yourself or others) the powerhouses they are meant to be. We will inspect the nuts and bolts of the most effective Circle castings, how to hold energy without being drained, invoking Spirit, and discuss navigating the on-the-fly changes that naturally happen during the course of your ritual work.

Designed for individuals or groups who are serious about their rituals. Students of all levels welcome.

Sliding scale donation: $20-$40

Instructor Courtney Weber is a Wiccan Priestess, and HPS of Novices of the Old Ways. For the past six years, she has led rituals in NYC with anywhere from 1-300 participants. Her classes are hands-on, informative, routinely irreverent, and always focused on leaving students with as many practical and affirming tools as possible.