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Know Your Rites: A Talk About Magic and the Law

Anyone who has been involved with the legal system will tell you that it can be pretty esoteric ... but what happens when magicians go to court? Can curse slinging witches be sued for damages? Is a haunted property a legal liability? Just what are the laws on Bacchanal orgies anyway?

Catland owner and lawyer Fred Jennings will answer these questions and more as he outlines famous encounters between mystical forces and the law, as well as examining the legal system itself as a kind of ritual, often involving the direct participation of the gods themselves.

$8 entry. Complimentary wine will be provided.


Feast of Fools is an event series named for a medieval festival that handed over the powers of church and state to the common people for a day. Each Feast of Fools is a working aimed at arming the listener with serious tools for spiritual development.

Whether you are a seasoned occultist or looking for a first point of entry into the world of mysticism, you will find something to satisfy your appetite at the Feast of Fools.