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Otherworld Empire: A Chronicle of Occult NY

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Feast of Fools, Pope Joan II and the Abbot of Unreason will be hosting a special evening looking back at the magical history of the place where we've established our little piece of the tradition.

From the Native Americans onward, your favorite Fools will tell the tales of the men and women who worked the current here before us. The evening will close with a birthday reception where you can mingle with today's occult luminaries and discuss how we can take our place in that great story.

$8 Complimentary wine, birthday cake, and gift wrapped door prizes will be provided.


Feast of Fools is an event series named for a medieval festival that handed over the powers of church and state to the common people for a day. Each Feast of Fools is a working aimed at arming the listener with serious tools for spiritual development.

Whether you are a seasoned occultist or looking for a first point of entry into the world of mysticism, you will find something to satisfy your appetite at the Feast of Fools.