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Novices of the Old Ways Litha: Embrace the Longest Day

"We are the Sun, We are the Moon
We are the Light, We are the Tomb
We are the Hope, We are the Way
We Gather on the Longest Day"
~Todd Alan

The Reign of the Oak King will soon reach its zenith and the days will begin to grow shorter again. Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, also provides with it the most Magickal twilight hour. This gentle light captivates writers, artists, and Magick workers. Please join us for a ritual and fellowship experience to harness the potential of this beautiful time.

The ritual will begin with an introspective pathworking to eliminate personal negativity and outdated pain, particularly that left behind have a ridiculously long winter. We will then draw on the long-day sun to re-empower ourselves and illuminate our place in our communities. An oracular diviner will be present to share, for those who are interested, information about where Spirit wants to see individuals contribute for their communities' greater good.

Afterward, we'll be enjoying fellowship! Feel free to bring songs and stories to share!

Other things to bring:
* Suggest $10 donation or what you can, if you can. All monies go to Catland for their garden construction fund.
* Food/drink to share, if you are able. Bring your own plate, cup, and fork or prepare to eat with your hands! No disposables!
* Pet-care items for the ASPCA Adoption Center. Please see their suggested list of items.

Open to all paths and persons. Persons under 18 must attend with legal parent or guardian. Ritual will need focus and partial quiet. Parents who would like to bring children: please be aware that while the ritual will be appropriate for children, is not geared for them and they could become bored. If your little Witch can hang in there and keep with the flow, they are welcome! We will have to ask parents with disruptive children to leave, so make your honest assessment about your child's needs/attention span before bringing them along!