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Astrological Salon: Cancer, The Moon, and the Inner World

"And now for something completely different. I will prepare a presentation on the Moon, featuring amazing weird facts in order to relate to how the Moon is activating and informing the inner/emotional life.

"Also important are the stories of the Moon Gods. I will have a handful prepared, but you may want to share a brief Moon God/dess story as well. We will literally draw on these stories to deepen our knowledge.

"There will be a few exercises to help understand your own moon, and then a ritual to tune into the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Scorpio.

"All levels of knowledge are welcome.

"Astrology is a language of symbols and signs in relation to each other. This Class/Salon is an opportunity to explore one planet at a time, in order to deepen you knowledge, understanding and confidence. Or just hang out and chat with us.

"Please bring a copy of your natal chart which can be found on ( plug in your birth date, place and time) If you don't have that, come anyway." - Delphi/Chris Goffredo

$10 (Don't let the $$ stop you though)

Delphi/Chris Goffredo has 20 years of experience as an Astrologer and Tarot Reader. Recently featured as a presenter for the Feast of Fools Series at Catland speaking about Tarot and Astrology (based on Book T of the Golden Dawn). He is a member of the ADF Druid Fellowship and a student of the Anderson Feri Tradition.