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Astrological Salon: Leo, the Sun, Will and Becoming

The height of summer, the hottest time of the year, and the Astrological sign Leo ruled by the Sun.

We are going to focus on the Sun and how it lights up your Natal chart. Also, I am going to step back form interpreting the charts and help you to start interpreting for yourselves. and each other.

We will come up with and string together some key words and phrases for signs and houses and aspects, and see if the astrological mysteries will open up for you.

All levels of knowledge are welcome.

Astrology is a language of symbols and signs in relation to each other. This Class/Salon is an opportunity to explore one planet at a time, in order to deepen you knowledge, understanding and confidence. Or just hang out and chat with us.

Please bring a copy of your natal chart which can be found on ( plug in your birth date, place and time) If you don't have that, come anyway.

$10 (Don't let the $$ stop you though.)

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