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Astrological Salon: Jupiter and Saturn

And now for a closer look at Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are outside of the realm of the inner planets which affect your everyday motions. Instead these two huge slow moving planets shed light on life and death, and how you learn. Jupiter shows where you flourish and grow and your greatest gifts, while Saturn reveals your greatest challenges and issues with your father.

We'll also focus on the aspects to these planets, looking at the beneficial Trines and Sextiles and the challenging Squares and Oppositions. 

All levels of knowledge are welcome. 

Astrology is a language of symbols and signs in relation to each other. This Class/Salon is an opportunity to explore one planet at a time, in order to deepen you knowledge, understanding and confidence. Or just hang out and chat with us.

Please bring a copy of your natal chart which can be found on ( plug in your birth date, place and time) If you don't have that, come anyway.

$10 (Don't let the $$ stop you though)

Delphi / Chris Goffredo has over 20 years experience as an Astrologer and Tarot Reader. He is a member of the ADF Druid Fellowship and is a student of Anderson Feri Witchcraft.

Later Event: January 11
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