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Technomysticism: Adventures in Computer Seance

Feast of Fools invites you to plug into a night of cyber-spiritism as Fred Jennings and special guest Mallorie Vaudoise interface with the concept of computers as a mystical tool.

Mallorie, a computer programmer and apocalyptic witch, will explore the intersection between our modern technological world and the techniques of traditional witchcraft, examining the new ways of thinking engendered by functional programming as a magical language.

Fred, a cybersecurity lawyer and Witch Prime Minister of Morgantown, will elucidate the two-way dialogue between computer technology theory and modern chaos magic, and explore the initiatory role of interactive software as a created and fantastical world that enables and informs the practitioner.

Following the lecture portion of the evening, the Abbot of Unreason will lead a discussion between these magical mountebanks, which will be opened to a Q & A before we will settle in for a big screen playthrough of the 1994 DOS adventure game Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness

Running Gnostic commentary will be provided by the Ship of Fools.

$10 entry. Complimentary wine will be provided.


☩ 5:00 PM -- Doors open!

⊕ 6:00 PM -- Mallorie Vaudoise takes the stage.

☄ 7:00 PM -- F. Jennings, Witch Prime Minister of Morgantown, plunges us into computerized chaos. 

♡ 8:00 PM -- The Abbot of Unreason, Stuart Südekum, leads the discussion portion of the evening.

✩ 9:00 PM -- We enter the Dome of Darkness with Captain Bible.


Feast of Fools is an event series named for a medieval festival that handed over the powers of church and state to the common people for a day. Each event is a working aimed at arming everyday people with serious tools for spiritual development.

Whether you are a seasoned occultist or looking for a first point of entry into the world of mysticism, you will find something to satisfy your appetite at the Feast of Fools.

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