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Ship Cats: Adventure, Courage, Betrayal! With Paul Koudounaris


Have you ever heard that cats are afraid of water? Well not the cats we're talking about in this lecture! Felines started boarding ships as crew members as far back as Ancient Egypt, and have since sailed the world in quest of adventure. Cats were at one point such a standard feature on any respectable boat that no captain worth his salt would set sail without one, and these determined little creatures fought in naval battles, won medals, and traveled as far as the South Pole. Many of them displayed exceptional bravery. Some even displayed apparent supernatural powers! Dr. Paul Koudounaris (author of Empire of Death, Heavenly Bodies, and Memento Mori, and a general bon vivant who also happens to be an expert on obscure feline history) will present the remarkable stories of the famous cats who prowled the high seas. These are stories of adventure and courage! And stories of betrayal! And most of all, they are stories of cats being cats! 

Talk begins at 8pm sharp!

Tickets are $10 presale and $15 standard, and available here: