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Spread Em, Witch! Gary Suto's Workshop on Tarot Spreads

Time to Spread 'em Witch!
This is a workshop designed to teach a variety of Tarot spreads, specifically intended to for time periods.
When will it happen? How long do I have to wait? What day will give me the best result? If I do nothing, what is my path next year? What is my path next year if I do this particular Spell? These are questions I have received and over the years developed Tarot spreads to answer them.The workshop is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of the Tarot. It is also good for those that may be experiencing difficulty linking them together to do a complete reading.
Finally, It is also suitable for those just needing a refresher course. provided you have a basic knowledge of the cards either from another tutor or from self instruction. I will start with a 3 card reading, work up to the 22 card reading that I developed and adding the 78 card layout that I also developed. If you ever wanted to learn a spread that gives time periods, I could write the book on it.
Bring a Tarot deck (or 2) and of course a notebook and pen.


Gary Suto is a High Priest in the New York Coven of Witches and the Minoan Brotherhood. While he doesn’t call himself a hereditary witch, he’s about as close to it as one can get without the rituals. His Gypsy Grandparents took him in when he was 2 years old, and he was surrounded with Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Cartomancy and Old World Gypsies every week. He’s been reading tarot for 33 years and has done numerous workshops on the various aspects of Tarot. Gary also organizes Wiccan rituals in NYC and coordinates full moon meditations at various venues.

When asked about his reading style, Gary has this to say:

“First off, if you’ve never had your cards read before, I’m told I’m great with first timers. The reason for this is that my general reading goes from 2 weeks in the past to 6 weeks in the future. I’m not telling you about the rest of your life, just the next 50 to 60 days. Many times, that’s all you need to know. Should you need something longer, I can also do a 4 month or 6 month spread. I really don’t like going out further than this, but if pressed, I can do a year reading. A second concern is about ‘negative’ cards. Let’s be honest, nobody’s life is a bed of roses all the time. We all have ups and downs. Knowing when you’re approaching a down time can be very helpful. Within the cards, I look for cycles. We have small, medium and large cycles. With cycles, you’re never on top forever and never on bottom forever. This being said, if there are cards that are not positive, I look for how big the cycle is and whether you’re approaching the bottom of the cycle or coming out of it.”

Later Event: October 17
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