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Myth-Hacking: Art as a Magickal Act

Join Michelle Belanger [] for her newest class, offered first at Catland Books as part of the launch tour for her new series, Conspiracy of Angels. 

Myth-Hacking: Art as a Magickal Act
Fiction, dreams, fantasy -- all too often these are denigrated as nothing more than make believe. But our imaginations are deep wells of power. Long before we came to live in a culture that prized cold facts, myths were used to educate, inspire, and shape our very world. Our modern myths unfold in every aspect of the media, and hold power for change that is barely tapped. Come learn how mythmaking can be one of your most potent magickal acts.

$20 covers the class and a signed copy of Michelle's new book, Conspiracy of Angels. []


Author of over two dozen non-fiction books, Michelle Belanger is best known for the Dictionary of Demons (2010), and her ground-breaking Psychic Vampire Codex (2004). Her work has been sourced in television shows from CSI to True Blood, university courses, and publications around the world. She has worked as a media liaison for fringe communities, performed with gothic and metal bands, including Nox Arcana, and designed immersive live action RPGs for companies such as Wizards of the Coast. Her most recent release, Conspiracy of Angels, is the first book in a fiction series that draws on her extensive involvement with the occult. Learn more about Michelle’s work and buy her books at, and follow her on twitter: @sethanikeem

For more information about Michelle's Conspiracy of Angels launch tour schedule, check out her calendar []

"A singular reading experience!" - Laurel K Hamilton, NYT bestselling author

"This is the beginning of something extraordinary." - Steve Saffel, editor

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