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Mabd the Intoxicator, Morrigan War, Terror and Soveringty, and Macha the Queen Reborn. These are Goddesses of Sovereignty, Sacral kingship, and the power of command of ancient Ireland. Discover these shrouded divinities, their histories, avatars, scared sites, rituals and the mysteries of these magnanimous Celtic goddesses. Learn how to draw their majesty, and power in to your personal world through a ritual of reclaiming your soveringty, and magical potency. Come, hear and understand the depths of these aincent Goddess of land and command. 

$20 entry. Refreshments provided.

Demetrius Lacroix has dedicated his life to the study of the occult, spirituality and religion of Traditional societies in the ancient and modern world. having studied many forms of traditional belief. From his own upbringing, and later initiation into Haitian Vodou, and Brazilian Quimbanda. Lacroix comes from a multicultural background, offering a worldview shaped by his immersion into misunderstood, misrepresented and vilified cultures. Lacroix seeks to present the underrepresented "occult" in an understandable and edifying way. Lacroix is a professional spiritual counselor,and advisor in Salem Massachusetts.

Later Event: December 13
Horary Happy Hour