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Opening the Doors of Chaos VIII

Tickets available here.

This course will meet 12 times over the course of the next six months or so. It is divided into three sections, each having four classes. Attendees may sign up per-class, per-section, or for the entire course.

A description of each class is below.

First Section: Theories and Concepts of Chaos Magic
This section is presented lecture-style and covers the basic theories, ideas, history, and concepts underlying Chaos Magic as a tradition. Classes will be about an hour.

- 1st class: Basic tenets and magical histories underlying the Chaos tradition

- 2nd class: Theories and thinkers from Bohr to Jung

- 3rd class: Syncretism without tears - navigating polytraditionalism without appropriation

- 4th class: Theory meets practice - Gnosis, universe modeling, and paradigm theory

Second Session: Techniques and Practice
This session focuses on the practice and practical aspects of the Chaos Magic tradition, from the most basic to the more complex. Classes will be about two hours.

- 1st class: Fundamental practices - basic energywork, meditative exercises, and foundational techniques

- 2nd class: Basic skills - banishing, grounding, creating ritual space, and other preparatory techniques

- 3rd class: Sigils, servitors, and will-work

- 4th class: Invocation, evocation, and advanced ritual topics.

Third Session: Advanced Methods in Chaos Magic
This session combines the theory and practice to explore the outer limits and experimental aspects of Chaos Magic. Classes will range from two to three hours.

- 1st class: Staring down the Abyss

- 2nd class: Timespace and the Word

- 3rd class: Deities new, old, and other

- 4th class: Entering the Temple